Superyacht References has launched its new platform for captains to source verified references and background checks for crew.

After soft-launching at the Monaco Yacht Show and receiving excellent feedback, Superyacht References is now gearing up to meet up with crew, captains, and agencies that are interested. Read on to find out more, and to hear from the founder of Superyacht References, Mark McDowell, who is also currently a Superyacht Captain.

Superyacht References

What Is Superyacht References?

Here, they elaborate on the highlights of their services:

“Superyacht References provides independent referencing support for crew, recruiting Captains and agents alongside a mentoring and career guidance program for yacht crew. 100% free for crew to use, candidates simply upload all their details to an encrypted and data protected web portal, including reference contacts, professional qualifications, and identification, for the SuperYacht Reference team to verify. When a Captain or agent is looking at the crew profiles, they can be safe in the knowledge that each individual has undergone a thorough background check and is ready to be employed. It not only fast-tracks the process but also adds an extra layer of security for the Captain and owner.”

Furthermore, McDowell emphasises that their mission is:

“Facilitating easier, safer, and smarter referencing within the maritime sector, SuperYacht References is dedicated to empowering crew members and aiding recruitment agencies. By offering comprehensive resources such as mentoring, coaching, training, and well-being support, our mission is to unlock the full potential of both senior and junior crew. By safeguarding the industry, we believe our impact will be significant for crew members and recruitment agencies alike.”

The service offers crew members free independent referencing support while assisting in the recruitment of Captains and agents – all while providing a mentorship and career guidance program for yacht crew.

Superyacht References

How To Use It

Candidates simply need to upload their details to the secure and data-protected web portal. This includes:

  • Reference contacts
  • Professional qualifications
  • Identification

The Superyacht Reference team then verifies these details. This is designed to not only expedite the hiring process but also to enhance security for both the Captain and the yacht owner when it comes to selecting crew.

For crew members who wish to sign up, go to the sign-up page to register here:

Superyacht References

What SuperYacht References Aims To Achieve

The platform aims not only to save valuable time for the yacht’s department heads but also to ensure that they have access to high-quality crew members with verified references and job profiles. SuperYacht References, acting as a third-party entity, brings full transparency to crew member references and background checks.

As well as this, the website also offers industry insights and resource articles for crew that help navigate all aspects of crew life, ranging in subject from mental health advice to safeguarding crew members’ yachting careers.

For the future, McDowell elaborates:

“The mission of SuperYacht References is to drive positive change within the industry, fostering safe working environments for individuals and enabling owners to have skilled crew members, but equally important, happy crew members. A key initiative involves offering substantial support to crew members through comprehensive coaching and mentoring programs, emphasising our commitment to their professional development and overall well-being.”

Superyacht References

The SuperYacht References sign-up page is here:

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