When deciding which boat you’d like to charter, there a few things that you’ll be taking into account: How many does it sleep? What facilities are available onboard? Will the chef cook things I like etc etc. The big question for some though is, what does the yacht toy line up look like? Yacht toys are a pretty big deal and from slides to seabobs, you’ll find a whole array of different gadgets on offer. The most exciting by all accounts though has got to be the Superyacht submarine. More and more are creeping into Superyacht toy collections around the world and you’ll be pleased to know there are now a few on offer on charter vessels.

6 Superyacht Submarines:


La Datcha Superyacht Submarines

Builder: Damen Yachting
Length: 77m
Number of guests: 12

Launched by Damen Yachting in 2020, Explorer Yacht, ‘La Datcha’ features exterior styling by Azure Naval Architects and an interior design crafted by Vasiliy Shprits. She has an enhanced fuel tank, improved garbage management system and enough provisions and facilities for 40 days of cruising!

If you’re looking to go on an adventure of a lifetime, La Datcha has a three-person submersible submarine for charter guests to explore the deepest depths of the oceans, taking in the marine life. As well as, a pair of helicopters – twin Airbus H125s to whisk guests off to off the beaten track spots.


Builder: Damen Yachting
Length: 72.15m
Number of guests: 11

The 72.15m explorer yacht, Gamechanger was launched by Damen yachting in 2017 and since gone on to have explored over  50,000 nautical miles. Amongst her toys, which include a 12-metre Intrepid tender, a dive centre, a helipad and hangar with refueling capabilities, is the three-person Uboat-Worx Submersible Submarine.

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m/y ALUCIA uperyacht submarine
Image credit: theverge.com

Builder: Auroux
Length: 55.75m
Number of guests: 12

If you love an adventure then explorer yacht ALUCIA will be exactly what you’re looking for. Originally built in 1974 as a support boat, she underwent a major refit in 2016 to make her the incredible diving vessel that she is today. She is the only boat in the world with the capacity for three manned submersibles all able to dive down to a depth of 1000m and her capabilities have meant that these incredible facilities have been used by the Discovery Channel for their programme “Monster Squid, the Giant is Real”.

Her Superyacht submarine collection includes a Triton 3300/3 and a Deep Rover, both of which can reach a depth of 1000m. If you’d rather get out in the water in your scuba gear then you won’t be surprised to know she comes with all the latest equipment to ensure you have an incredible dive.

Superyacht Tenders - The Windy Boat SR60


M/Y AD-VANTAGE Superyacht submarine
Image credit: yacht-vantage.com

Builder: Damen
Length: 54.99m
Number of guests: 6

AD-VANTAGE is the support vessel for superyacht VANTAGE and carries a fabulous selection of toys onboard for all to enjoy. They are often chartered together, but if you’re after an incredible diving experience with just your nearest and dearest AD-VANTAGE is all you need.

She was originally launched in 2012 as an Offshore Crew supply boat but underwent a major refit in 2015. Among the array of toys carried onboard you’ll find the yacht’s Triton submarine, which can be included in your charter for an extra $40,000 per week should you wish to use it (of course you will). It can fit up to 3 people and dive down to 1000 meters, so you’ll be sure to see some amazing marine life if you decide to take it for a spin.


M/Y Ouranos on board water toys | Superyacht Content
Image credit: yachtcharterfleet.com

Builder: Admiral Yachts
Length: 50m
Number of guests: 12

OURANOS is the first of the Admiral C Force series. It’s ideal if you are looking for a family vessel to charter. On board is an expansive list of toys, including water skis, a slide and a water park! Not forgetting the all-important mini Superyacht submarine (which is ideal for shallow exploring.)

The yacht itself is also a sight to behold with floor to ceiling windows in both the saloon and upper saloon. The ceilings are upholstered in ivory suede throughout.  This not only completes the cosy and luxurious look, but is also incredibly soundproof. Down below there is beach club – very important when considering all those water toys you’ll be off enjoying.


M/Y Legend on board features | Superyacht Content
Image credit: yachtcharterfleet.com

Builder: IHC Verschure (Refit Icon Yachts)
Length: 77.4m
Number of guests: 26

If you are a real explorer then you’ve probably already come across LEGEND. A former Soviet icebreaker, this boat is really something special. Her owner, Jan Verkerk, himself is a lover of adventure! So, it’s no surprise that no expense had been spared to ensure you’ll have the time of your life on board.

Down in the tender garage, along with two snowmobiles(!), you’ll find the three-person U-Boat Worx C-Explorer Superyacht submarine. Two guests, along with a pilot can enjoy up to seven 45 minute trips a day reaching depths of 300 meters. There’s so many different ways to engage with the natural world via various modes of transport onboard M/Y LEGEND. You’ll probably find that the submarine will just be one of many of the toys you’ll be using… And, if you are angling for a wintery escape, surely those snowmobiles are calling your name already?

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