Charter toys play a quintessential role in making sure that guests are entertained and having fun during their time onboard. It is hardly a Superyacht charter without any toys! Having an impressive arsenal will certainly set one yacht apart from another, so keep reading to learn all about the essential charter toys to have onboard as well as some of the latest trends!

Charter toys
Photo credited to: NautiBuoy Magazine

1. Seabobs

For a sub-aquatic adventure, Seabobs let you glide through water and underwater. To use them, you only need light pressure on the handlebars to steer the Seabob with great agility, slightly shifting your body to change direction. They are a great alternative to traditional snorkelling when you want to manoeuvre that bit faster, and a must-have in any yacht’s toy garage.

Quality model: Reaching speeds of 13.7 mph over water and 12.6 mph underwater, the Seabob F5 SR is the slickest Seabob model. Alongside Porsche engineering, it is equipped with a 7th gear and added tail fins for boosted speed and manoeuvrability. You can also record and share your experience through WiFi with the 2-camera system.

Seabob F5 SR charter toy
Photo credited to: DIVEIN

2. e-Foils

This new flash charter toy allows guests to go surfing even when there are no waves. The electric surfboard is powered by a high energy density Lithium battery installed on the board – which is accelerated by the wire-connected hand remote control. Guests can zoom anywhere on this speedy and lightweight ride.

Quality model: The Awake Vinga 3 is easy to set up and provides a great experience for riders of all levels. With its jet engine, the model offers a ride time of 80 – 120 minutes at speeds around 30 mph. It’s a smooth ride with reduced noise.

Awake Vinga 3 charter toy
Photo credited to: AwakeBoard

3. Water Slide

A simple but effective installation. Guests can slide from deck to sea in seconds. Water slides offer a quick thrill and guests may spend hours splashing around, taking a break, then getting on it again. They are all-round favourites for a reason.

Quality model: Available in three sizes, the FunAir Hanger Yacht Slide is a lightweight, easy, and fast ride. This inflatable uses ultra-slick vinyl, which is so strong that there is no need for a cover sheet.

FunAir Hanger Yacht Slide charter toy
Photo credited to: FunAir

4. Aqua Park

An inflatable sea playground.

Notable model: The Thor by Aquaglide is a diving platform, a slide, and an obstacle course – not to mention great fun. There is also a wide range of other inflatable toys (from climbing walls to floating islands) from the leading inflatables companies that offer an amazing time.

Thor Aquaglide charter toy
Photo credited to: Water Recreation Specialists

5. Jet Ski

High-speed lovers are sure to love a jet ski. There is nothing quite like jet skiing with your hair blowing behind you as you ride through the waves. It’s a staple part of charter entertainment, and guests will definitely want a go at it!

Quality model: A multi-person craft, the Kawasaki Ultra 310LX can reach speeds of 67 pmh. It provides a great amount of stability, and is spectacular fun if there’s one person hitching a ride, or three.

Jet ski charter toy - Kawasaki Ultra 310LX
Photo credited to: Kawasaki

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6. Paddle Board

Also known as SUP, paddle boarding is an easy activity to master. Guests can leisurely glide through gorgeous locations (like lagoons, caves, and coves) and explore the surroundings.

Quality model: The versatile Blackfin XL inflatable paddle board is ideal for any level, 35 inches wide. It offers an excellent recreational experience, coupled with a carbon paddle which helps guests to glide smoothly over the water.

Blackfun Model XL charter toy
Photo credited to:

7. Hydrofoil eBike

A fun and quirky alternative to peddling away on the gym bicycle. This eco-friendly and portable water bike helps any guest wanting to work those muscles get in shape while having a look around.

Quality model: A new model, and the first hydrofoil eBike, the Manta5 Hydrofoiler XE-1 imitates the cycling experience on water. This was developed and designed in New Zealand.

Water bike charter toy
Photo credited to: Nautical Ventures

8. Snorkeling Equipment

Classic gear that provides hours of fun without needing to put on a wetsuit or any complicated equipment. Guests are able to entertain themselves by getting up and close with marine life.

Quality model: Aqlaung is a leading name, and has a great snorkeling set – the Vita Snorkeling Set. This lightweight and comfortable gear includes a shatter-resistant mask too.

Aqualung Vita Snorkeling Set charter toy
Photo credited to: Robb Report

9. Scuba Diving Gear

Divers can spend long periods of time underwater without needing to go to the surface which allows them to get a closer look at underwater areas they might not be able to reach otherwise.

Quality model: Ocean Trust provides a definitive guide to the best scuba gear (recommended by an instructor). Notable equipment includes the Apeks MTX-R regulator, the Mares Loop Octopus for an alternative air source, and the Mares X-Vision Ultra Liquidskin mask.

Scuba diving equipment charter toy
Photo credited to: PADI

10. Wakeboard

Wakeboarding is a thrilling ride for guests while getting pulled behind the yacht’s tender. It might take a few tries before they adjust! Once they get the hang of it (if they haven’t done it before), they can go as fast as they like and try out all the tricks they want, skimming across the waves.

Quality model: With superb design, the Ronix One Timebomb offers an explosive ride, added glide speed, and less resistance to your body. It’s light and maneuverable, and is made with carbon fibre.

Ronix Wakeboard charter toy
Photo credited to: Ronix

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