Named after the legendary Viking ‘Ragnar Lothbrok’, this explorer superyacht is undoubtedly the queen of the seas. From her 6,000 nautical mile range to her full ice-breaking functionality, Ragnar is unlike any other.

Guests who charter Ragnar are in for an exhilarating experience, travelling through Nordic weather conditions whilst enjoying all the luxuries on board. We’re taking you on a top-to-bottom journey of the unique vessel, from sky lounge to toys and tenders.

68m Ragnar - the worlds most extraordinary explorer yacht

Sun Deck

Starting our tour on the very top, we can find an expansive outdoor living space. It’s a place of tranquillity where guests can relax in the jacuzzi whilst enjoying the far-reaching views seen from atop the superyacht. Additionally, there is a bar and barbecue and plenty of seating areas to kick back and relax.

Ragnar Top Deck
The top deck and jacuzzi. Credit: Burgess Yachts

Bridge Deck

In its design, Ragnar evokes a sense of classic exploration created by design studio RWD. The sky lounge is perhaps the greatest example of this aesthetic. With wooden panels and chesterfield furniture, it has a classic masculine appeal akin to decor found in traditional smoking rooms. It creates a warm and intimate space that provides a stark contrast to the arctic conditions outside. 

Ragnar Sky Lounge
Sky Lounge. Credit: Burgess Yachts
Ragnar Lounging area
The lounging area on A-deck. Credit: Burgess Yachts

Upper Deck

Descending to the vessel’s upper deck, we can find two luxurious master suites. Complimenting the gorgeous bedrooms are lounging areas and en-suites, which incorporate themes found elsewhere on the superyacht. The wooden tub adds luxury and is in keeping with the interior throughout the vessel.

One of two master suites on Ragnar. Credit: Burgess Yachts.

The upper deck is also home to a spacious observation lounge, perfect for experiencing the wild weather of the icy seas from the comfort of a warm couch.

The observation lounge. Credit: Burgess Yachts.

Main Deck

The main deck is where we find the main saloon and formal dining area on Ragnar. It is a beautiful area that you could mistake for a grand country manor. Like the sky lounge, the decor and design choices are classic and create a sense of luxury and comfort. The rich, warm textures and colours help Ragnar feel cosy, which helps combat the chill.

The main saloon. Credit: Burgess Yachts.
Ragnar’s formal dining area. Credit: Burgess Yachts.

The outside space accommodates a more casual dining/lounging area and a luxurious pool.

Main deck dining and lounging. Credit: Burgess Yachts.

The Facilities

In addition to the many impressive spaces throughout the superyacht, Ragnar also has other luxurious facilities guests are free to enjoy. A large, fully equipped gym is always an important addition, whilst spa facilities such as a sauna and steam and massage rooms provide rest after a long day of exploration. Further amenities include a helipad and guest suites to accommodate an additional eight visitors.

Ragnar’s spa facilities. Credit: Burgess Yachts.

Toys and Tenders

Perhaps the most exhilarating option for guests is to dive deep underwater with the U-Boat Work C-Explorer Submarine. The lithium-ion battery powerhouse submerges up to five people in depths of up to 300m. The submarine is an explorer’s dream, allowing guests to explore the deep, icy waters of Northern Europe and Antarctica.

There are plenty of options for guests that would rather have fun above sea level too. From Seadoos to heliskiing with the Airbus EC145 helicopter, there will never be a dull moment for any thrill-seekers.

However, for guests wanting to experience the water more peacefully, there are paddle boards and inflatables to enjoy.

When it comes to land exploration, Ragnar is in her element with Lynx Snowmobiles and Big Bo, an all-terrain vehicle that makes light work exploring even the most treacherous conditions.

With all this available, along with the stunning living space and facilities on board, it’s easy to see what makes Ragnar so unique. The superyacht is currently available for charter through Burgess Yachts.

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