Shortly after revealing their annual tender market report, Yacht tender supplier announce their top 6 latest Superyacht Tender sales. Superyacht Tenders CEO Nigel Upton, stated that because of a high-demand in owners wanting more tenders than the manufacturers can produce, Superyacht Tenders has had an incredible start to the Mediterranean season so far, selling a record number of new and used tenders. Below, we’re taking a look at Superyacht Tenders latest 6 tender sales:

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1. Windy SR52

Superyacht Tenders announces the sale of Windy Boats SR52 yacht tender
Image by Superyacht Tenders
This Windy SR52 was successfully delivered to a 63m Superyacht in May this year. The SR52 opened up a new world for Windy, introducing the brand to the Superyacht sector as the builder of the world’s finest chase boat. It was rated best chase boat in the world by Superyacht Magazine at the time. Combining the exceptional design of Dubois with the superb build quality, production capability, and performance of the Windy brand.

2. Ribeye 6.2m SOLAS Rescue Tender

Ribeye 6.2m SOLAS | Superyacht tender sales

Superyacht tenders recently sold a Solas tender to a 76m expedition yacht for the 2022 season.  The SOLAS compliant 6.2m outboard rescue tender was a new build that was nearing completion at the factory in Dartmouth UK that was managed within a 4 week lead time from order. A competent guest and crew tender that doubles up well as a certified rescue tender.

3. Castoldi JT14 SOLAS Rescue Tender

Castoldi JT14 SOLAS yacht tender storage | Superyacht tender sales
Image by Superyacht Tenders

After paying a visit to the Castoldi factory, SYT happily delivered the Castoldi rescue tender to a 50m Heesen yacht. This particular model featured an all new design and motorisation over the outgoing JT14 model. Resulting in a marked improvement in power delivery and sea keeping.

4. Vikal 7.5m Limo Tender

A 55m Heesen will receive this new build 7.5m Vikal tender upon completion at the factory. The luxury tender is fully bespoke and built to an exceptionally high standard. It is offered with options such as electrically lifting- retractable roof for passenger comfort, beach lander bow steps, stern helm station, 12 guest capacity and powered by a single diesel jet.

5. Windy SR52

Another Windy SR52 was ordered earlier in the year and is close to completion at the factory. Superyacht Tenders are proud to work alongside Windy Boats in supplying clients with these exceptional luxury tenders. On completion, this Windy sr52 will be delivered to a brand new 83m.

6. The Chaser 500CC

The Chaser 500c is a unique custom performance orientated chase tender, built to the clients exacting specifications. It’ll be powered by triple Yamaha outboards, with top speed expected to exceed 55knots. Once completed, the Superyacht tender will be delivered to a client in Spain.

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