No self-respecting superyacht is complete without a stellar selection of water toys. If, like us, you’re at home (or in the crew mess) enjoying a little more online shopping than usual at present, why not give the toy chest an update and take the fun levels up a notch with these top recommendations from Ocean Independence.

FunAir Climbing Wall
Makers of a wide range of inflatables, FunAir have created a climbing wall specifically for superyachts. Providing a very realistic experience, but with a safer fall down onto the inflatable or the sea, this is a great yacht accessory for charterers of any age. The wall features handholds, climbing ropes, and courses to suit differing abilities and conditions.  Conquer the climb!

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Bixpy Jet
Versatile and easy to use, the Bixpy Jet is an electric water-jet propulsion system, cleverly designed for use kayaks, canoes, inflatables and stand-up paddleboards to offer a motorised boost in the water. Light, efficient and surprisingly powerful, this innovative add-on allows you to explore further without relying on currents, winds or your own muscle power.

The six-foot-long Robo-Shark has been created by RoboSea, specialists in the creation of exceptional underwater robots. Robo-Shark can travel underwater at 10 knots and just like its namesake, with a shell constructed from sound-absorbing material, can silently sneak up on marine life to bring you those close encounters! With a battery life of two hours and the ability to travel down to 300m, this is a versatile, fascinating and innovative way to explore the underwater world from the comfort of the aft deck.

Waszp Foil Racing Boat
Up the adrenaline levels with a foiling Waszp. These foil-assisted flyers are great for racing around the bay, enabling you to fly above the water whilst harnessing the power of the wind. While some experience is required for safe operation, anyone with sailing experience should be able to pick it up without taking too many nose dives. Strong, stiff and practical, this well-designed and carefully constructed foiler is easier to sail than similar products on the market and easy to stow on board.

Tandem Jetovator
Created by Jetavation, the Tandem Jetovator is a ridiculously fun yacht toy that can lift a combined body weight of up to 400lbs. Fly above the water together, taking it in turns on the twin controls to show off your acrobatic ability at heights of up to 30 feet, with all the simplicity of riding a bike. You heard it hear first!

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