What is a yacht charter without yacht toys? Having the right water toy setup is crucial to creating unforgettable experiences for guests, whether they desire to float peacefully around nearby coves on a Stand Up Paddleboard, or prefer to rip past the local beach club on a jet ski, there is a toy for every type of guest. With more need than ever to consider our carbon footprint, perhaps it’s time to consider the type of materials we are introducing to the water via yacht toys. Thankfully there are some incredible innovations hitting the eco yacht toy market that not only reduce carbon emissions but also look amazing and most importantly don’t compromise on fun!

SeaBob F5 SR

A long-time leader in yacht toy technology, SeaBobs are a must-have in any yacht’s garage of toys. The F5 SR model is the most powerful watercraft in their F5 series and is also emission-free. The F5 series works based on the patented ‘E-Jet Power System’, meaning that water is sucked in by a rotating impeller and then forced back out under high pressure. This technology means the toy requires little energy to operate and thanks to electro-technology, it is environmentally friendly with low operating costs.

Ray Eco – Stand Up Paddleboard 

Designed to have the lowest possible impact on nature, The Ray Eco, supported by Fanatic is possibly the most sustainable Paddleboard in the world. The board is made entirely of sustainable wood, rather than glass or carbon fibres and without the usual foam core. The wood comes from the Kiri tree which comes from Germany, much like the board’s designers Michael Walther (Zero Emissions Project) and Jannek Grocholl (BoardLab). Even the letters on the side of the board are applied using natural pigments. Not only is it planet-friendly, it also looks elegant and moves effortlessly on the water.

“Water sports articles are pure luxury products that no one necessarily needs. It is therefore even more important to keep a critical eye on resource consumption and the impact on the environment” – explains Walther.

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Tarform Raye Jetski

Inspired by one of the oceans most majestic creatures, the Manta Ray, the Tarform ‘Raye’ Jetski certainly looks the part. Moreover, it is consciously designed to have minimal impact on the environment and will be available in either recycled carbon fibre or Tarform’s ‘proprietary plant-based composite’. Part of Tarform’s intention was to translate the experience of an electric motorcycle into a jet-ski, and the Raye combines a biomorphic design, modular technology and plant-based materials. The product is currently still in the development phase, learn more about the product and be the first to know about its release by visiting their website.

Fliteboard Series 3

E-foils have been the water toy of choice in recent years. Even the most diehard surfers have raved about these futuristic looking electric surfboards – and the fun to be had when using one. Byron Bay startup Fliteboard have been at the forefront of this innovation since 2017, and have recently released the Fliteboard 3 model to their line. The boards are emission free, wake free and virtually silent which solidifies their credentials as an eco yacht toy, and a must-have for charter guests that want to try something new.

Albus Golf ‘Ecobioballs’

Golfing on the aft of a superyacht just became a little bit less ostentatious with these biodegradable golf balls by Albus Golf. Technically not in the ‘yacht toy’ category, but fun for keen golfing guests all the same. The balls are designed for use around marine environments and are one-use products. Ecobioballs are 100% safe for marine flora and fauna, they are made with non-contaminating materials and are also non-toxic. Even more impressively, when the balls hit the water their external layers biodegrade in less than 48 hours and release fish food that is contained in their core. Learn more here.

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