There are two Superyacht tenders everyone wants in 2022 – The Windy boats SR52 and SR60

The SR52

Windy Boat SR52 Blackbird

The Windy Boats SR52 Blackbird chase boat took the Cannes Yachting Festival by storm when she was unveiled in 2008 and provided the first opportunity for Windy to partner with designers and naval architects external to the company.

The SR52 opened up a new world for Windy, introducing the brand to the superyacht sector as the builder of the world’s finest chase boat and was rated best chase boat in the world by Superyacht Magazine at the time. Combining the exceptional design of Dubois with the superb build quality, production capability, and performance of the Windy brand, the SR52 Blackbird delivers guests ashore in unprecedented style, speed, and comfort. A very unique and adaptable craft. The SR52 became the chase tender for yacht owners looking for something a bit more special and has achieved unparalleled success since then.

Hull #131 is currently under construction and available for a summer 2022 delivery. The sale is being handled by Superyacht Tenders who have worked closely with Windy since 2008 and are considered the go-to company for the supply of the Windy SR range of tenders to large yachts worldwide.


The spectacular new Windy SLR/SR 60 has been designed to build upon the success of the SR52 and become the ultimate superyacht accessory, considered by many to be the most exclusive chase tender available on the market today.

Combining cutting-edge design, exclusive styling, and supreme seakeeping the new SLR60 is the most exciting and eagerly
anticipated projects, both undertaken by the Special Projects Division at Windy, Scandinavia. Powered by triple Volvo Penta IPS propulsion systems. Providing breathtaking performance, exacting handling, and a truly impressive range of 850 NM at 25 knots and onto a maximum speed of 45 knots.

The first SLR60 #001 has now been successfully launched. This boat was commissioned by a very experienced superyacht owner
who required an exclusive chase tender of the very highest quality and design that would allow him to traverse unprotected and open passages as well as offer high levels of guest comfort, exceptional range, and sea keeping without losing the practicalities of it being a full-time support/chase tender for the 60m mothership.

#002 is currently in build and nearing completion, delivery will be in May 2022.

Hull number #003 SR60 ( extended cabin version ) is available to order now and can be made ready for a Summer 2022 delivery. This model has a fully bespoke complete package. The sale is being handled by Superyacht Tenders who are considered the market leaders in the supply of the SR range of tenders to large yachts.

For more information on the sale of the Windy boats SR52 and SR60, Contact, or phone +34 659 556 991.

Superyacht Tenders - The Windy Boat SR60

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