On January 4th 2022, Pascoe International announced the sale of the world’s first 100% electric superyacht limousine tender. Additionally, the company has confirmed the new tender is now under construction. The vessel, which is under construction at a major Northern European shipyard is set for delivery to a large new build mothership in 2023.

How long was the research and development period for the electric superyacht?

Pascoe International is proud to now offer open-air guest tenders and limousines powered by a fully electric propulsion system. This has come after six years of research and development. With expert advisors and research partners, the Pascoe team has been examining the viability of electric propulsion for many years. During this process, they have carried out extensive R&D on hull design, motor integration, battery performance, and whole-system optimisation.

A statement from Tom Southern, Vice President at Pascoe International:

“The realisation of a zero-emission at point of use Limousine Tender with a top speed of 40 knots and a maximum range of 60 miles will be a defining moment for the superyacht industry. The e-Limousine truly signifies the beginning of a new wave of luxury water-borne travel and a move away from internal combustion propulsion systems in the superyacht sector.”

4 key positive impacts the electric tender will have on our environment:

With an ever-increasing focus on sustainability, this project will mark the start of a new era for yachting. The zero-emission Pascoe Tenders will be a showcase of advanced marine technology from launch and for many years to come.

It is not just the environmental impacts that make electric limousine tenders attractive to yacht owners and their guests. There are a number of advantages:

  1. A near-total removal of torsional vibration transmitted into the hull structure,
  2. Increased noise reduction
  3. Enhanced acceleration as a result of the torque profile of the electric motors.
  4. Charging using a ship’s own power generation systems rather than directly running on diesel.
  5. The knowledge that they are leading the global shift to zero-emission at point of use technologies.

There is no doubt that fully electric guest tenders are now a viable and superior alternative to combustion-driven boats. The first e-Limousine is now under construction, with a 2023 delivery date.

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