The Proton yachting 28S Superyacht Tender is a premium tender built of 5 mm thick aluminium which greatly benefits the sailing characteristics. The ship was designed by Trimm Design in collaboration with the engineers of Proton Yachting Technology.

Images by Guy Fleury

The Proton Yachting 28 Superyacht Tender has groundbreaking on-board technology:

Almost everything on board can be switched digitally. The Proton 28 tender boat is a technical masterpiece that gives the skipper a lot of sailing pleasure. Everything on board can be operated from the large 12-inch Garmin screen on the luxury leather-covered dashboard. Furthermore, the crew or owners have the ability to control all electronic switched equipment from a second device, such as your iPad or smartphone. All they have to do is log in to an app that can monitor your boat (You can even control it from home). When you’re within a radius of 20 meters from the Proton28, click the “on board” button, and the electronic main switches, radio, and onboard lighting will be activated.


“The Proton 28 has been designed with modern Mercury Diesel engines that produce little noise. Following sea trials, what struck us most is the peace on board: the modern diesel engine is remarkably quiet and the sloshing water sound is not present. The playfully designed exhausts are deepened in the swimming platform and there too a quiet flow of outgoing cooling water has been taken into account and therefore no spitting sound there either.” – Proton Yaching.

Minimalistic and spacious

The modern tender boat has the capacity to hold 8 guests, with plenty of space and choice of seats. Trimm design finished the proton 28 using the highest-quality materials to ensure the guests and owners felt maximum comfort. Anyone who steps on board is immediately struck by the ”minimalistic” finish of all parts. For example, Proton yachting engineers designed the Eco-deck to be sunk into the deck, so that no edges arise. Creating space was a key element in the design process, for which we mounted the windscreen to give the entire foredeck, and the entire ship, a luxurious look.


Owners will step inside their spacious cabin, where they’ll be fronted with a large double bed that can adapt to become a round seat for four people, with a table. As well as, a state-of-the-art lockable toilet room. To continue with the minimalistic and spacious design, the guest cabin is filled with natural light glistening through the windows in the hull, as well as the foredeck.


Both the Proton 28S and Proton 28L were extensively tested out on the water. The Proton 28L with the steering wheel in the back of the cockpit can be driven like a sloop. Whereas, in the Proton 28S steering wheel is located in the front of the ship. Therefore, you are more sheltered behind the windscreen which makes this luxury tender boat ideal for sailing on open water.


“We’re proud to say after multiple days of sailing, Proton Yachting has developed an innovative ship, the Proton 28. This luxury tender will appeal to a wide audience due to its striking finish. She’ll amaze even the real critical water sports enthusiast!

The first Proton 28L and 28S models are now ready, and ten more hulls of type 28 are currently under construction at the Frisian Proton shipyard. This gives an impressive picture; it is certainly worth looking so that you can experience for yourself how these modern Tenders are built.” – Proton Yachting

Proton Yachting 28S Superyacht tender technical specifications:

  • Sales: Proton Yachting
  • Yard: Proton Yachting
  • Design: Proton Yachting & Trimm Design
  • LOA: 8.85 meter
  • Width: 2.70 meter
  • Draft: 0.60 meter
  • Vertical clearance: 1.35 meter
  • Displacement: 3300 kg
  • Construction: Aluminium
  • Engine: 1x Mercury 270 hp 3.0L 6-cilinder Diesel
  • Fuel tank: 300 litres
  • Drinking water tank: 95 litres
  • Wastewater tank: 95 litres
  • Design category: C (option B)
  • Passengers: 8
  • Berths: 2
  • Toilet room: 1

Superyacht Tenders - The Windy Boat SR60

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