The Superyacht industry is awash with yacht tenders of every variety.

Yacht Tenders are a must-have necessity for all vessels, large or small, and the recent demand for new Superyacht Tenders has never been so high. But, what happens to all those once new build tenders that are now of a certain age, surplus to requirements, inherited by a new owner, or soon to become superseded by a newer, cooler model?

Consider that an average of 3 to 4% of the value of the mothership is spent on suitable yacht tenders. We are talking about a sizeable sum of money when new… A yacht tender is not comparable to other similar-sized boats on the market as they are unique and have a set of specific design features that set them apart. The more bespoke, the higher the cost. They can easily cost 10 times that of a recreational boat.

Now that’s not to say that after 5-years, a stand-alone yacht tender maintains a value of 10 to 1 compared with other less dedicated craft. Far from it, depreciation on a bespoke yacht tender is sizeable and pretty significant on anything semi-bespoke or with custom features.

Yacht Tender Valuations service available through Superyacht Tenders
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So, what is a pre-owned yacht tender worth, and who is going to buy them?

The most popular option is to re-sell these pre-owned tenders to other large yachts that require a replacement or an additional boat. They are kept within their intended market.

Within this sector, demand will be highest for this type of product, and will retain the best value from resale and more often than not be sold offshore without having to apply VAT.

At SYT, we have been providing a yacht tender appraisal service (yacht tender valuations) whereby we personally visit the yacht and inspect the tenders. This service is available for owners who are looking into the possibility of selling or exchanging but want a realistic valuation of what they currently have onboard.

Generally speaking, depreciation can easily reach about 50% within the first three years, sometimes more. From there, depreciation is minimal and more often than not, the tender is sold or exchanged within the first 5 years of ownership returning somewhere around 30-40% of its initial value. It all depends on the type of craft and how well it can serve the needs of another yacht. Dimensions, design, and overall condition are critical factors when purchasing pre-owned tenders.

The buyer benefits from purchasing what was a very expensive asset for a fraction of its new cost and at the same time, enables the seller to move on and facilitate the purchase of a replacement tender without incurring any additional costs associated with continued ownership. Hence why the pre-owned yacht tender market has been growing significantly over the years and there are some very good deals to be had for specific buyers.

However, once the tender reaches a certain age,  reliability becomes more of an issue and when the cost of maintaining it outweighs the benefits of  keeping it than achieving a straightforward sale to  another yacht becomes much more difficult without  spending a significant amount on a refit and overhaul. 

It’s quite often the case of inviting offers and being realistic with selling prices. This is where yacht tenders then get purchased by trade buyers like ourselves who have the time and experience to then  prepare them for resale at a later date to a specific  catchment market and incur the costs that many  owners would prefer not to budget for. 

Superyacht Tenders Yacht Brokerage

At Superyacht Tenders (SYT) we identified a growing demand within the industry to provide a comprehensive yacht tender sales, brokerage, and exchange platform inclusive of a full advisory service for our clients. 

Superyacht Tenders services include:

– Yacht Tender appraisal service (aka yacht tender valuations) for all yachts.

– Purchase and Part Exchange services – Brokerage listing and all associated sales marketing. 

– Yacht tender finance and leasing services

– Transport and Storage Services

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