The founders of Acquera Yachting have more than 20 years of experience within the yachting industry, and now the company is implementing their extensive local knowledge and their dedication to providing clients with the highest level of service into a new groundbreaking app, AcqueraPro.

Acquera currently has offices in over 11 countries around the Med, and the app will cover around 150 Mediterranean ports.

Innovation Through Digitalisation

The idea for the app came around through the desire to innovate through digitalisation, improving the level of service provided by Acquera and the speed of operations for the vessel, in turn reducing time spent on administrative tasks by captains.

Alvise Tositti, Chief Strategy Officer at Acquera states that:

“Thanks to the app we can provide a new type of service, at a new level – with more efficiency, more transparency, not only to Acquera’s existing clients but to all yachts cruising the med”.

Acquera launched a test version of the app in 2022 in which 20 captains on varying yacht sizes tested the platform, the platform received excellent initial feedback. The full and final version of the app is set to launch ahead of the Med season 2023.

Working on two levels, Yacht Operations and Discover Leisure, AcqueraPro is dynamic and impressively easy to operate.

Easier Yacht Operations With AcqueraPro

Acquera Pro Yacht Operations example

All information, tariffs, regulations and port rules can be found on the app in seconds, a practice that has previously taken up a lot of precious time during busy seasons. The app informs captains of all formalities necessary when entering each port in the Med, and crucially, all of the relevant documents are available in one place. All information is specific to the boat as the app gives data and figures based on the size of the vessel. Once the yacht is in the port, all invoices for any services accrued are also kept on the app.

Seamless Leisure Services

Acquera Pro app contains leisure services for yachts

On the App’s comprehensive ‘Discover Leisure’ platform, recreational information regarding each location is provided, including Experiences, Events and Restaurants. Tossiti insists that Acquera operates on transparency and points out that whilst the information shared on the app is often open to the public on search engines, the local knowledge of Acquera’s agents is also installed into the app, and provides clients with a vetted and approved list of eateries and other local services within each port in the Med.

Further, Tositti insists that AcqueraPro is not designed to remove the yacht agents on the ground, as he believes this is a crucial element of the industry, the app simply makes it easier for yachts to plan excellent leisure itineraries for guests by providing all of the relevant information in one convenient place:

“This is not the tool to remove our organisation on the ground and replace them with technology, it is not possible in our industry, we need to have the staff on the ground, we have approximately 100 people to assist with clients on the ground this year, so we are growing in staff. We believe with this new type of technology we can improve the type of services we are delivering to the client, with this technology a client sitting in Fort Lauderdale waiting to come to the Med can start to plan their itinerary and see all information based on their location”.

To discover more about AcqueraPro, visit their website.

You can book a demo for the app and register for AcqueraPro by clicking here.

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