The disruption of shipping and cruising routes in the Red Sea through the Suez Canal is, as of February 2024, still an ongoing issue. JLS Yachts (based in UAE) are here to give some valuable insight on this challenging situation and help you avoid disruption to your charter with the latest information and tips.

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Suez Canal
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What Is Going On In The Suez Canal?

In late 2023, Houthi rebels attacked ships along the trade route. The risk remains.

Usually, the Red Sea and Suez Canal see around 12% of global trade traffic – with approximately 30% of the world’s shipping containers travelling through the waterway.

However, as of February 2024, traffic through the Suez Canal has decreased by 64%. The risk to security has pushed varying ships and yachts to re-route, causing grave consequences for global trade and transport. With all kinds of yachts affected, including superyachts, it is important to acknowledge the issue and understand how to adapt for the foreseeable future.

Advice From JLS Yachts: In Their Own Words

If you’re heading around the UAE

JLS Yachts Superyacht Middle East/Maldives and Saudi Arabia are working overtime to accommodate all yachts affected by the unrest in the Southern Red Sea. Our Maldives, Dubai and Abu Dhabi offices can handle all requirements for the Indian Ocean including partners in Oman and Seychelles. Our Saudi office in Jeddah can handle anything coming down the Saudi West Coast from Neom to Jeddah. Obviously, for onward traffic in Indian Ocean is via Southern Africa.

Should yachts require security going into the Red Sea from the South, we can assist but without protection from drone attacks.

Our partners “Felix Yachting” are perfectly placed for our Suez crossings and Eastern Egyptian cruising down as far as Port Safaga. We have also received inquiries for sailing yachts wishing to arrive in Dubai or Dammam Saudi Arabia for us to truck there boats across Saudi to Jeddah, hence avoiding the Southern Red Sea. This is a new approach and very exciting trying to explain this kind of request to Saudi Authorities. So far this has been helpful, though there are road height restrictions.

Although Saudi West Coast cruising is still in its infinite stages, we are investigating options for moorage and rest in places like Umluj, Yanbu, Northern Jeddah – all covered by Cruising Permits and Crew Visas through the Saudi Red Sea Authority Ebhar portal services.

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