The UK superyacht industry is much bigger than most people realise.

Most people are well aware of the UK’s long and detailed maritime history dating back centuries. Because the UK is an island it is easy to understand why us Brits place so much emphasis on the sea. After all, we seem to spend most of our lives either trying to get away from the place, or historically defending it from people and countries who wanted it for themselves.

Either way, we can safely say the UK is not afraid to get in a boat now and again! These days mostly for pleasure but A LOT of Superyacht crew and businesses are British.

Bullslaughter Bay

It All Starts With Training

Let’s look back at when a lot of us were first thinking of getting into the Superyacht industry. Where did we start? Yes, even 20+ years ago, training and the correct qualifications were an essential step to getting the “perfect” Superyacht job.

And where did we all do our training? In the UK of course. We all know the usual facilities, some on the south coast, others in Wirral, some in the NE and Scotland… They’re all very good with different styles of teaching to suit people from all backgrounds.

But That’s Not HUGE… Am I Missing Something?

Well, in short yes. The UK is home to a massive number of other highly prominent companies within the yachting industry. From yacht management and charter to yacht brokers, a lot of these companies were started by British people, most of them still with head offices in the UK.

Then we have the UK’s massive tender manufacturing industry. There are a few very well known shipyards in the UK too which are supported by a LOT of manufacturing and fabrication companies. Then there are yacht support companies such as MGMT Superyacht agents, our friends CrewFO, a number of excellent provisioning companies, crew uniform experts, and crew agents.

That’s without mentioning the world of insurance – most Superyachts are insured by UK based insurance companies!

Now THAT is HUGE. The UK Superyacht industry is far bigger than most people realise. Over the coming weeks, we will be focusing on some of the businesses, destinations, and people who are proud to call themselves part of our industry.

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