It might be a life-altering experience to travel to the world’s best ports by Superyacht, but it takes a truly excellent yacht agent to make it a trip you’ll never forget. With this in mind, we continue our series on respected yacht agents, with this months’ focus being on the “top yacht agents in the Mid Atlantic” – all managed by the highly-dependable Association of Yacht Support Services (AYSS).

With offices spread across the globe, AYSS has been providing yacht services to captains and crew ever since 1991, and with 71 dedicated Superyacht agents spread across the world, they can make sure that you are linked seamlessly from one destination to another, meaning you’ll never be far from professional help and a friendly face.

Recognising how important it is that support is in place at each of its destinations, AYSS agents offer vessels and crew the guidance and support needed to take advantage of everything that a country has to offer. Whether you need help with the essential day-to-day requirements of your Superyacht, assistance with visas, cruising permits, and port control requirements; suggestions for wonderful sights and places to discover; or even recommendations for the best local culinary delights – AYSS yacht agents cover it all!

Discover The Top Yacht Agents In The Mid Atlantic


Mid Atlantic yacht services
Established in 1992, Mid Atlantic Yacht Services (MAYS), provides a full range of comprehensive services for vessels, crew, and owners crossing the Atlantic. The unique scenic beauty, relaxed rhythm, and fascinating history of the Azores invite guests to explore, discover, and appreciate their unique culture and history. Discover why the Azores are a perfect Mid-Atlantic stop, here.

Yacht support services include:

  • Bunkered fuel services
  • VAT payment and EU importation
  • Custom rigging & work aloft
  • Parts & equipment importation and logistics
  • Crew travel/changes


Top yacht agents in the Mid Atlantic - JFM SHIPPING LDA

In the ports of Funchal, Porto Santo and Caniçal – Madeira Islands, JFM Shipping LDA have over 133 years of port agency services. The company was founded in 1888 by João de Freitas Martins, great-grandfather of the present chairman, João Welsh. With a range of facilities, from fresh water and garbage disposals to a ship chandler, JFM has been officially certified according to the European standards for Quality Management Systems – ISO 9001.2015 since 2002.

Yacht support services include:

  • Crew changes and repatriations
  • Bunkering Brokers
  • Customs clearance
  • Fuel
  • Ship Chandler


INCARGO S.L. - Mid Atlantic

“The ports of Las Palmas and Tenerife, poised at the crossroads of the Atlantic, where yachts from Europe, the Mediterranean and America congregate, are the ideal ports to prepare for the transatlantic crossing”. Incargo S.L. was founded in 1989 by Jaime Pastor (Snr) and is a family-owned company. As a shipping and chartering agency, Incargo operates in all the Spanish ports including the Canaries, the Balearics, Portuguese ports and Chile. Every year Incargo facilitates about 600 ships, mainly cruise ships and superyachts. However, they coordinate their services from their central office in Madrid.

Yacht support services include:

  • Bunkering
  • Drydocking
  • Spare parts
  • Chandlery
  • Crew changes

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AMUNDSEN MARINE SERVICES - Mid Atlantic Yacht Agents

Portugal, with its location centrally in Western Europe, is perfect for vessels on passage from the Med to Scandinavia and the Baltic. Amundsen Marine Services was formed in 1997 with the intention of serving yachting and cruise vessels. Their privileged position has made them a favoured stopover port.

“As yachtsmen, we have always been involved in the yachting community and helped many yachtsmen in difficult situations” -Amundsen Marine Services

Yacht support services include:

  • Pilotage and dry bunkering
  • Provisions
  • Fresh water supply, garbage and sludge removal.
  • Crew assistance
  • Birth reservations

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