UK Superyacht agency MGMT is here to explain why the UK is a classic go-to for charters and should be at the top of your list when it comes to enhancing your guests’ experience. Read on to find out why 2024 is set to be another great year to explore the UK.

It Is So Different (In A Good Way) To Anywhere Else!

Historically, the UK was not perceived as a particularly “cool” destination for Superyachts. However, the narrative shifted after the 2012 Olympics cast a spotlight on London.

Suddenly, London emerged as a big yachting destination. Superyachts of nearly any size up can cruise up the Thames into the heart of London. From bustling urban areas to secluded coastlines, there is something for everyone. Since the Olympics, London and the UK as a whole has seen a massive increase in visitors as people realised there is so much to offer!

Image sourced from: NBC News

The Appeal

In terms of geography, it’s widely acknowledged that the UK has fewer Superyacht visits compared to the Mediterranean. And this is great.

Why? An anchorage is never too busy. For instance, you could be cruising down the West Coast of Scotland, arrive at an anchorage, and it’ll be rare to find another yacht there.

Naturally, UK superyacht visits are scarcer than Med ones. But this can be a spectacular advantage – the best thing about the UK coastline is that we have lots of it!

UK Superyacht
West Coast of Scotland. Image sourced from: Love, from Scotland

What’s In Store For 2024?

Hopefully, superyacht visits keep on coming.

We have so much to offer, including:

  • Stops for fuel & provisions
  • EU VAT clearnance
  • Owner & guest trips

MGMT has been involved in the Superyacht industry for over 25 years with experience of everything from working on yachts to managing them.

They pride themselves in providing exactly what you want or need – and normally know exactly what’s required before you even ask. If not, they love a challenge.

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