Indonesias new visa allows easier entry for yachts

Indonesia is easing access for yachts to enter into Bali, Batam, Bintan and Nunukan. Starting with the requirement to quarantine being lifted for arrivals, by air or by sea. And good news for foreign-flagged yachts too, as Indonesias new visa means easier entry for yachts, as the country slowly gets back to pre-Covid times.

Indonesias New Visa allows easier entry for yachts - Superyacht Content
Image by Diamond Sanur yacht marina, Bali

Captain Thomas Taatjas of Asia Pacific Superyachts Bali adds:

Most importantly, Indonesias new visa that is being rolled out soon that would give 180 days straight away with no extensions. This is exciting news as the previous one needed time consuming extensions at immigration offices every month. It’s was previously a real a pain for people cruising”,

*Also noting Visa on Arrival is currently available only at the airport and not seaports, including Bali.

President Joko Widodo recently issued a Presidential Decree regarding visa-free facility for visitors from 90 countries. As well as, a Presidential Decree for easy access for foreign yachts to enter Indonesia –  Reported the chairman of the Committee of Public Policy of the ministry of transportation, retired admiral Dr Marsetya.

In neighboring countries especially Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand the number of yacht and cruise ship visits was far higher. This is because procedures to get entry permits are easier there; Especially, with regard to custom, immigration, quarantine and port clearance.

What are the current travel restrictions for Indonesia?

There is no longer a quarantine when entering Indonesia. Nor is there is no longer a PCR test on arrival, and VOA has been reinstated for many countries” – Captain Thomas Taatjas

*Noting APS will continue to advise and ensure clients are aware of the last-known situation for entering Indonesia. Additionally, he notes foreign yachts are no longer requested to have a CAIT (Clearance, Approval for Indonesia Territory) permit to enter the country.

What is the best time of the year to visit Indonesia by Superyacht?

Year round cruising is possible because Indonesia spans both sides of the equator – meaning it has both north and south hemispheres. Indonesia lies between 10⁰N and 10⁰S; meaning it it’s out of typhoon and hurricane range. Southern Indonesia (8⁰S parallel, Komodo, Bali, Java Southern Sumatra, etc) is best between May and October; the Northern Hemisphere (Raja Ampat, Sulawesi, Papua, etc) is best between October and May.

This year-round advantage of the largest tropical archipelago in the world gives Indonesia the potential to be the best cruising destination in the world.

It just needs the infrastructure to follow” – Captain Thomas

The Southeast Asian country is is home to more than 17,500 Indonesian islands for you to cruise around! You’ll be amazed at the diversity, culture and the personality of each and every island. There is a reason why Indonesia’s national motto is “Unity in Diversity”…

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