Two superyachts were engulfed by flames in an aggressive fire at a marina in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. The blaze, which raged for 8 hours on December 10th, has left both boats completely destroyed.

The 30m Ocean Alexander vessel, Drinkability and a 32m sailing yacht named Danneskjold, are the two casualties of the incident. One man was sent to hospital with burns.

Drinkability was under repair when the flames took hold last Friday morning. The fire then spread to Danneskjold “within minutes”, according to an eyewitness at the scene. The raging fire sent thick plumes of smoke into the air, which could be seen from afar.

The owner of Danneskjold, Bill Duker, said that his crew were very shaken up after having to “run for their lives” to escape the fire. He further expressed sadness for the crew, stating, “for us, it’s a financial issue but for them, it’s their home and their jobs and all the plans they had made”. Duker purchased Danneskjold in October and has not even set foot on board yet.

Thankfully the fire was contained before it could wreak further havoc on nearby vessels, which included valuable vintage yachts.

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