What does 2024 have in store for the superyacht world? Independent yacht brokerage TJB Super Yachts has some interesting 2024 superyacht trends predictions, from shared charters to superyacht toys. Founder and CEO Tim Johnson has shared a list of top five things to look out for in the year ahead.

2024 superyacht trends
Indonesian archipelago

1. Sharing Superyacht Charters

With luxury hotel room prices increasing, Johnson suggests that the appeal of superyacht charters is growing among a broader clientele seeking a glimpse into the lavish lifestyle onboard. Collaborating with friends and family for a distinctive superyacht charter offers aspirational consumers an unparalleled and exclusive luxury retreat.

“Charter fees start from approximately £40,000 (plus expenses) for a fully staffed yacht with four en-suite cabins. The experience is entirely tailormade to the group, with Michelin trained chefs, esteemed personal trainers, massage therapists and dedicated watersports instructors on board, providing a level of freedom, privacy, service and itinerary curation that is unmatched by even the most extravagant of hotels.”

2. Chartering Into New Territory

There is a rising trend among yacht charter clients who are choosing extended voyages to more secluded destinations. From polar regions to the remote corners of the Indonesian archipelago, adventurous clients are exploring destinations less commonly associated with private superyacht usage.

“Clients are getting more adventurous and choosing destinations typically not associated with private superyacht hire. From Papua New Guinea to the Norwegian fjords and Antarctica, we’re seeing an increased appetite for exploration in 2024 and looking forward to pushing the boundaries of adventure even further.”

3. Sailing Yachts Make A Comeback

The newer generation of superyacht enthusiasts exhibits a heightened environmental awareness with a strong preference for luxury sailing yachts. Powered mainly by alternative fuel sources, these vessels provide a distinct and thrilling sailing experience on the water. Complemented by state-of-the-art onboard features and organic, locally sourced cuisine, they present an attractive choice for those seeking an eco-conscious aquatic getaway.

“The investment in and innovation of sailing yachts signifies the future of the industry – their eco-friendly advantage is undeniable and we’re excited by the increased demand we’re seeing from our clients.”

Sailing Yacht A

4. Remote Working Making Charters Longer

As a new billionaire surfaces approximately every 17 hours, 80% of them being self-made and adept at overseeing their businesses from virtually anywhere – even a yacht – these ships have evolved into discreet settings for conducting deals and hosting clients. This shift is shaping the design and refurbishment of yachts, prioritising luxurious office spaces and onboard meeting rooms.

“With technology and high speed Wi-Fi on board better than ever, we’re already seeing demand for longer charters in 2024 from our clients wanting to spend additional time on board to maximise hybrid working.”

5. Superyacht Toys Get A Revamp

Adventure seekers are gravitating towards water toys to elevate their charter experiences. These toys, with their sporty, thrilling, and eco-friendly features, are indispensable for creating an unforgettable superyacht experience. The sought-after toys in 2023 include the latest F5 SR model from Seabob, which can reach speeds of up to 20 km/h and dive to depths of 40m.

“Water toys are regularly the highest priority for our charter clients when choosing a yacht and suitable charter destinations. The yacht is no longer the destination, it’s important that they offer opportunity for fun and action off-board too.”

Image sourced from seabob.com

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