Two of the longest yachts in the world met in Gibraltar on Tuesday. Sailing Yacht A and Azzam. Check out the photos below….

Azzam currently the longest motor yacht in the world at 180 meters and Sailing yacht A, the longest sail yacht in the world at 142.8 meters.

Azzam has held the top spot for longest yacht in the world since her delivery in 2013 by Lürssen. Azzam’s exterior lines were penned by Nauta Design. She was originally planned to be 145 meters long but as the project grew so did the length due to getting all the working parts needed of a vessel of this volume while staying within the design brief of the long bow and swept back stern. She has a top speed of 33knots delivered by two gas turbine engines and 2 x MTU diesel engines producing a staggering 97,000hp and consuming 13 tonnes of fuel per hour at top speed.

Sailing yacht A was built by Nobiskrug and delivered to her owner in 2017. Technically a sail assisted motor yacht she still ranks as the largest sail yacht in the world by nearly 40 meters. Her three masts are the tallest and most highly loaded freestanding composite structures in the world. The mainmast towers 100 m above the waterline and she also has an underwater observation pod in the hull as well as her nearly invisible windows which give her a futuristic look. The legendary Philippe Starck created this unconventional design and she still continues to split opinions in and out of the industry to this day.

A huge thank you to Superyachts Gibraltar and Gibraltar Yachting for the shots above. Click the links and follow them on Instagram for Superyachts calling at the port of Gibraltar.

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