Which countries have the most Superyacht owners in 2023? According to a report by Superyacht Times, there have been some interesting changes to Superyacht ownership in 2023 due to World events and an increased interest in the industry from certain countries.

For clarification in this article, a Superyacht is defined as a yacht with a length of over 40m, of which there are around 2,000 worldwide. Keep reading to have a look at the top 11 countries that own the most Superyachts, and a selection of the most impressive vessels!

1. United States

  • Ownership: 23.6%
  • Average length: 54 m

The US is a domain driver for yacht sales whose ownership rose by 0.6% from last year.

Notable Superyacht: The largest yacht to be built in the USA since the 1930s, motor yacht Aquila‘s overall length is 85.6 m. The builder is Derecktor Shipyards.

Aquila Superyacht - US
Photo credited to: YACHT CHARTER

2. Russia

  • Ownership: 8.1%
  • Average length: 62 m

Last year, Russia’s ownership was at 9.1%. That has dwindled due to international relations (including a small number of confiscations, etc.). But that is not the main reason. There have been a few incidences in which a Russian yacht, built for a Russian owner, could not be delivered – so it was instead passed on to an owner of a different nationality. Additionally, some yachts were sold, and a small number of Russian owners have changed to their second nationality.

Notable Superyacht: 156 m long, Dilbar took nearly five years to construct before her launch in 2016. Dilbar is also installed with one of the largest pools onboard a yacht in the world.

Dilbar Superyacht - Russia
Photo credited to: SuperYacht Times

3. Greece

  • Ownership: 6.2%.
  • Average yacht length: 51 m

Greece’s involvement in the industry is moving from strength to strength. Grecian owners are allegedly good negotiators and understand the market well.

Notable Superyacht: With an overall length of 115.82 m, Atlantis II is the largest yacht built by Hellenic Shipyards S.A., with an impressive steel hull and steel superstructure.

Atlantis II Superyacht - Greece
Photo credited to: BOAT International

4. Turkey

  • Ownership: 5.7%
  • Average length: 47 m

Host of the 18th annual International World Superyacht Awards 2023, Turkey became the world’s third-largest builder of Superyachts in 2021.

Notable Superyacht: Victorious‘ life started in Chile as a 77 m explorer vessel (Gin Tonic II at the time). After being transported as an unfinished vessel to New Zealand, she spent a couple years in construction before she was sold in 2016, now at 85 m.

Victorious Superyacht - Turkey
Photo credited to: H2 Yacht Design

5. United Kingdom

With the UK becoming more of a destination for Superyachts due to Yacht Agencies such as MGMT, perhaps we are set to see an increase in the amount of UK UHNW individuals building large yachts in the near future…

  • Ownership: 5.4%
  • Average length: 56 m

Notable Superyacht: At 48.31 m, Param Jamuna IV was launched in 2013, built by the Italian yard Rossinavi. With naval architecture, the vessel was also designed by the Italian design studio Team 4 Design.

Param Jamuna IV Superyacht - UK
Photo credited to: CharterWorld.com

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6. Italy

  • Ownership: 4.8%
  • Average length: 50 m

Notable Superyacht: comes with two primaries, two VIPs, two pools and two cinemas. At 54.6 m long, C was constructed by Horacio Bozzo, and the Hot Lab design firm handled the interior.

Photo credited to: SuperYacht Times

7. United Arab Emirates

  • Ownership: 3.4%
  • Average length: 62 m

Notable Superyacht: Platinum Yachts launched Dubai in 2006, making it the world’s second largest private yacht (162 m) with a steel hull and aluminium superstructure.

Dubai Superyacht - UAE
Photo credited to: SuperYacht Times

8. Germany

Germans are frequent travellers, particularly enjoying the world of luxury travel. This countries’ love of Superyachts proves this with many recent new-builds belonging to UHNW German owners.

  • Ownership: 3.3%
  • Average length: 50 m

Notable Superyacht: Equipped with two helicopter landing pads and two 9.5 m Rupert Marine tenders, 85.3 m Bold was built by SilverYachts in Australia and delivered in 2019.

Bold Superyacht - Germany
Photo credited to: y.co

9. Saudi Arabia

Well known for their love of large vessels, this country shows no signs of stopping when it comes to producing Superyacht owners.

  • Ownership: 3.1%
  • Average length: 68 m

Notable Superyacht: One of the largest yachts in the world, Serene is 134 m long, carries a small electric submarine, and is also powered by 8 MTU diesel marine engines.

Serene Superyacht - Saudi Arabia
Photo credited to: Yacht Harbour

10. Australia

Australia has a thriving Superyacht industry, and Australian yacht owners are now expanding the length of their yachts from the ‘modest’ average of 30m to Superyacht sizes of over 50m.

  • Ownership: 3.0%
  • Average length: 52 m

Notable Superyacht: A while after her construction in 1994, Coral Ocean underwent a modern refit in 2022 and is 75 m long.

Coral Ocean Superyacht - Australia
Photo credited to: BOAT International

11. France

The South of France is a billionaire’s playground, so it makes sense that French ownership of Superyachts should be on the rise.

  • Ownership: 2.5%
  • Average length: 49 m

Notable Superyacht: Baton Rouge is 63 m long and was launched in 2010. Dutch yacht builder Icon Yachts constructed the yacht.

Baton Route Superyacht - France
Photo credited to: Fraser Yachts

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