MGMT launch a shoreside purser service

MGMT’s Shoreside Purser is a valuable service for vessels that do not have a designated purser on board, but also for yachts looking to cut down on costs and free crew members’ time. Are you overloaded with administration? Feel as though there’s not enough hours in the day? Or, managing too many things at once?

Using the shoreside purser service offered by the UK-based yacht agency, captains and crew can rely on them to do what an on-board purser would do, but virtually.

MGMT shoreside purser service

Before we get started, lets share 6 important duties of a yacht purser:

  • Invoices –Invoice approval and budget management. 
  • Contracts and Negotiation – Work with suppliers and distributors 
  • Crew Administration – Administer payroll for the crew and organise/ manage crew travel
  • Yacht Administration – Organise port clearances, logistics and customs.
  • Charter Administration –There will be additional responsibilities if you work on a charter yacht
  • Guest Activities – Organise events and activities for owner and guests

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So, what’s the problem?:

More often than not, yachts ranging from 40 – 65 meters don’t have a designated purser on board. Thus, by using a shoreside purser service, you can add an extra pair of hands to your vessel, without the overhead costs of hiring another crew member. Moreover, crew will be able to dedicate more time to their day to day role.

MGMT found that during Superyacht visits to the UK, Captains, chief steward(ess), and other heads of departments heavily relied on them. Whether it was for bespoke events, transportation, berthing or general planning and research. After receiving multiple requests from Superyachts to continue using MGMT’s services after their visit to the UK ended, MGMT quickly realised that there were probably many more Superyachts needing a helping hand.

What is MGMT’s shoreside purser solution?:

With the above, the concept of a shoreside purser was born – The idea is that MGMT can help relieve pressure from Pursers all around the world. When they find themselves overwhelmed during the busy seasons, or while dealing with guests on board MGMT can step in. The company is aware of the importance of not having a one-size-fits-all approach. This is why their latest shoreside purser service is price dependent on, A. how busy the yacht is, and B. how much help they need. The MGMT team will work side-by-side with the vessel to gain full knowledge of its requirements, whether for short term help or a more permanent solution.

The new service can be as simple as pre-planning trips, looking into berths/logistics, all the way through to managing crew travel. With the MGMT team’s experience as Captains, Chief Stewardess, and Yacht managers, there isn’t much that they haven’t seen or done! And there isn’t a problem or challenge that they won’t accept.

CEO of MGMT, Mark Upton, comments:

“As a company, we are very careful not to step on the toes of management companies. For this reason, MGMT will not get involved with budgeting, accounting, ISM, crewing, or any other services generally offered by management companies. This service is purely about reducing the work load of crew and increasing on board efficiency. Despite our name, yacht management is not our thing and never will be. We love solving problems and making things happen and see the shoreside purser role as particularly valuable to busy Superyachts that do not have the space for the extra crew member.

Due to our teams’ experience in various walks of life from yachting to corporate we are one of the few companies in the industry that is appropriately qualified to offer this service. After all, we already do it for all the yachts that visit us in the UK!”

Mgmt Yachts - Superyacht services in the UK and Ireland

MGMT have 30+ years of experience, from working on yachts, to managing yachts. You and your guests will feel at ease knowing MGMT will take care of your needs quickly and efficiently during your visit to the UK

They have a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of all Superyacht. These include Itinerary Planning, Berth Booking, Pilotage, and Fuel.

more information on MGMT’s shoreside purser service, contact

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