The World’s fastest yacht is a great title to hold. After all, Superyachts, and especially Mega yachts are all about Excess. Whose yacht is better than everyone else’s

Let’s make something clear

The title, “World’s fastest yacht” can be held by a number of yachts and the overall fastest is much, much quicker than this one. But, there is a difference between a yacht, Superyacht, and a Mega Yacht. For the sake of this article we are talking about the world’s fastest yacht in “Mega Yacht” terms i.e. over 100m in length.

M/Y Azzam

Launched by Lurssen in 2013 and measuring 180m, M/Y Azzam was, at the time the largest yacht in the world. She was only beaten by the as yet unfinished REV Ocean last year when she was launched measuring 182.9m. So, Azzam is no longer officially the largest but she is definitely, for her size at least, the fastest.

Some Stats:

LOA: 180m

Beam: 20.8m

Draft: 4.3m

Crew: 80

Propulsion: 2 x 9000 KW MTU Diesel engines + Two Gas turbines. Total power = 97,000hp

Fuel consumption (top speed): 13 tonnes = 15,294 litres per hour

Azzam was not built to be the World’s fastest yacht, or indeed the world’s largest yacht either. She was originally designed to be 145m but in the process of “optimisation” she grew.

How fast?

During sea trials in the North Sea she reached 32 knots. She can reach a max speed of 33 knots. That’s quick for any yacht, but a 180m one! Can you imagine?

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