Ever wondered what the superyacht of your dreams looks like? Well, I have.

Superyacht builder Dynamiq has a configurator on their website which allows you to construct and customise your own semi-custom concept yacht from the comfort of your room, bathroom, kitchen, whatever – complete with transparent costs and delivery dates.

Join me as I try out the configurator for myself, and maybe you can have a go! Warning: most of my decisions are made for completely superficial reasons.

Choose Your Model

First step: choose your model.


I had two choices. The Transatlantic Models (above) are the perfect yachts for luxury cruising and basking in the sun, which I must admit I’m partial to. I love it when my skin isn’t a peaky British white. However, the Global Models had the appeal of expedition yachts, so I decided to go with one of those! ‘Boundless autonomy’… I can get behind that.


But which one? I’m personally a bit of a show-off, so I went for the G 500 HYBRID. It’s big and bold. At a base price of 27 500 000 €, it’s pretty costly, but it’s not every day you get your own superyacht!


So this was the starting point. Let’s see what Dynamiq has to offer.

Time to splash the cash.

There was an option to add the Expedition Package:

  • Ice-strengthened hull
  • Range of 5.000 nautical miles at 10 knots
  • Additional freezers
  • Cold garbage store
  • Set of extra spare parts and tools
  • Heated decks + IR heating

Hell yeah I want an ice-strengthened hull and loads of freezers to store my favourite snack – dumplings. For an extra 425 000 €, I think it’s worth it.


Because I have such a huge (imaginary) budget I am going to pick all the best features.

  • Although I am sorely tempted by the striking Lava Orange, the hull colour I’m opting for is Whisper Green (metallic) at 125 000 €. I like that I can nicely pair it with a metallic Carrara White (72 000 €) for the superstructure. Plus, it’ll probably blend in with the beautiful ocean scape as I travel the world. In my dreams. 
  • I kept the antenna domes non-metallic but had the exterior details painted in black carbon fibre (39 000 €). As for the Railing inserts, I thought teak would add a calming, natural vibe to the yacht (26 000 €).

The current price now stands at 28 187 000 €. Nice.


I am no interior designer, but I’d like to think I know my way around a hypothetical yacht.

Dynamiq has a few options for me to add ‘to the basket’, but what really catches my eye is the Bentley Home Package. Also the most expensive thing on the list at 595 000 €. But hey, maybe I can have my own custom-made Bentley car made after this, just to match the interior.

I also picked the carpets by Fashion for Floors. I do like a soft floor. Add 97 000 €. Boom.

Apart from that, I think I’m good. Honestly, not big on napkin boxes and cashmere throws. I can worry about that another time.


This one was interesting. There were more options than I thought possible! Not even checking the total price at this stage. Given up. Dynamiq, I’m going overboard.


I just selected everything.

That’s the 195 000 Hull Vane (reduces hull’s resistance), 215 000 Silent Package (makes guest cabins more sound-proof), the 280 000 RINA ‘Unrestricted Range’ (gives the possibility to travel further from a port when in commercial use), and the 725 000 Hybrid Package (provides Auxilia system of two e-motors with a lithium battery pack).


Lights galore.

  • 2 x mooring lines on deck – 7 000
  • 9 LED lights for underwater lighting – 24 000
  • Green coloured XIR laminated glass – 48 000
  • Silver awning poles
  • Stainless steel yacht name on both sides – 21 500


  • To be truthful, I’m not a massive fan of drones or even the notion of an underwater ROV.
  • But I like the (4 000 ) karaoke, the (12 000 ) sundeck cinema and disco, and the (49 000 ) high-end audio system. That’s bound to impress the massive social circle I definitely have.
Image sourced from: Eventbrite


Convenience? More like, need. Just take my non-existent money.

  • I need: the medical therapy bed (4 450 ), the massage table (4 500 ), the interior scent diffusion (7 500 ). I’m a sucker for scented candles but a technology that diffuses fragrance through the air conditioning system? Sign me UP.
  • Crew call buttons (8 000 ) and the night vision camera (19 200 ) look pretty useful for communication and safety, so I’m adding these.
  • While I might not appreciate a (399 ) Refrigerated Beauty Box, I know my family and friends would, so that’s going on the list. I guess the luxury marbles for surfaces (79 000 ) wouldn’t go amiss.

Navigation & Communication:

  • The DropShot camera makes sure the anchor hasn’t pick up any debris, so I’m down for that. Anti-damaging the environment. 1 395 €.


  • The drone jamming ( 29 000 ) Drone Defence E1000MP seems like a good way to protect my privacy. Nosy people can stay away.
  • I wasn’t swayed by the very glamorous pens on sale. I’ll stick with my Parker pens. As for the suitcase sets by Louis Vuitton and Monogrammed Trussardi…I’ll pass. My suitcase that I brought on my school expedition to Mexico when I was 17 has not failed me yet.
  • Heated bathroom mats (27 500 )? Yes. My partner hates having cold wet feet after a shower. This will save me running to grab her fluffy socks every time.


  • I’ve heard good things about the (150 000 ) Castoldi Jet Tender 21, so I think I’ll go with this one.
Castoldi Jet Tender 21

Sport & Water Toys:

  • First of all, the Fun Air Pool (28 000 ) looks like a safe way to enjoy some swimming with my guests in peace, its tightly woven net able to keep jellyfish and other ocean critters from entering. I got stung by a jellyfish on holiday not long ago and was pretty scarred (no pun intended). I’ll opt for this because I’m a huge baby.
  • Diving board on deck? I love diving. Yes. 18 000 €.
  • While I’m here, I’ll take the AWAKE electric surfboard (18 900 ) and the Sea-Doo SPARK jetski (9 500 ). I’ll get my zoomies on the water.
  • I can buy the rest of my gym equipment another time.
Image sourced from: FunAir

Transport, Insurance & Payment:

The final step.

  • Because I’m a relatively nice person (depends on who you ask), I’ll grab the 12-month insurance which covers Hull & Machinery, Protection & Indemnity, Crew Welfare for 6 crew. 75 000 €.
  • And where shall the delivery take place? I’ve always wanted to check out Singapore, so I’ll go for the Delivery by transport vessel from Antalya to Singapore. 375 000 €.

What’s The Damage?

Main Spec:

  • Length overall: 50 m
  • Beam max: 9.3 m / 30’6”
  • Draft: 2.2 m / 7’3”
  • Tonnage: 499 GT
  • Material: Full aluminium, 5083
  • Hull type: Round bilge, fast displacement
  • Max speed: 16 knots. 8 knots (electric mode)
  • Range: 4,500 nm @ 10 knots
  • Fuel: 45,000 l / 11,887 US gallons
  • Fresh water: 16,000 l / 4,227 US gallons
  • Grey and Black: 7,000 l / 1,850 US gallons
  • Guests: 12 in 6 cabins
  • Crew: 9 in 5 cabins

All this would be ready in 30 months of building time, ready for delivery in July 2026 (if I ordered in January 2024).

And what I’ve been waiting for – or dreading. The total price would be 31 318 344 €. 

What Does It Look Like?

It’s stunning.

What would I call my Dynamiq superyacht? I-Rule. It’s a reference to Hyrule, the kingdom in my favourite video games, ‘The Legend of Zelda’ series. Very niche and nerdy, I know. And also I rule. Double-entendre.


Alas, I am in no position to be purchasing this Dynamiq yacht anytime soon – or ever. I’m gonna keep drooling over this yacht. Don’t mind me.

But what is great about the configurator is that it shows Dynamiq is committed to transforming the semi-custom yacht market with a highly personalised product that caters to almost every preference of the buyer.

And guess what? It was fun!

Curious what your dream superyacht looks like?

Check out the Dynamiq configurator on their website here: https://www.bedynamiq.com/models/configurator.htm

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