As crew, it might be tempting to act fast and go local when you need yacht covers urgently.

However, take a second to think first… Sometimes the ‘easiest’ option is not the best in the long run. You could end up spending needless money in a few months on a replacement cover that provides neither durability nor quality! Elite Yacht Covers is all about quality over quantity. Guaranteed, you won’t need to replace their covers in a hurry.

Here is why they should be the ones you call when you’re searching for your next yacht cover:

  • Once onboard they can digitise all the furniture covers, awnings, and tenders to create a digital catalogue. Once they have this, the yacht can call down on orders as and when they are required. They finish the CAD design and have the panels laser cut for millimetre repeatability accuracy
  • They don’t need to be onboard during charter. Pre planning can have them onboard at any location and at any time

Why Quality Tops Quantity Everytime

When travelling the world, owners, guests, and crew spend plenty of time on the decks. This makes it a necessity to have either a yacht awning, canopy, or cover fitted.

Besides the importance of protection from UV rays, yacht awnings provide shade to the fixtures, furnishings, and fittings. Without the correct fitted shading, a yacht’s finishings can be bleached or warped under too much sun exposure.

That’s why it’s crucial to have the utmost quality.

Who Are Elite Yacht Covers?

Elite Yacht Covers has over 50 years’ of combined design experience.The company specialises in designing bespoke yacht awnings, covers, and canopies, but also sprayhoods using top materials.

Co-founders, Joe and Paul, pride themselves in considering not only what the cover has to do, but also how it will be used and by how many crew.

They have recently produced catalogues for 100+M yachts in Miami and the Seychelles – having this style of catalogue is incredibly helpful for budgeting and forward spend planning.

Elite Yacht Covers is all about quality over quantity. Guaranteed, you won’t need to replace their covers in a hurry.

Why Using EYC Will (Indirectly) Impress Your Management!

Speed, efficiency, convenience. What more could you want?

The greatest thing about EYC is that they produce quality products made of materials all catered to your specific needs. As well as this, they even use specific fabrics that are completely UV resistant – ensuring longevity.

If you go for quality, the services you enlist could help save running costs by saving up to 20k-30k a year. EYC products can last up to 6-7 years, far longer than most covers you can find anywhere else.

That’s bound to impress the boss, right?

And, if your cover gets blown off in a gale (or you encounter a similar mishap), you can contact EYC anytime. They can print a new one out and send it over, able to be shipped worldwide.

Speed, efficiency, convenience. What more could you want?

Contact Information: Elite Yacht Covers


Telephone: +44 (0) 1206413494




Elite Yacht Covers should be your go-to bespoke cover specialists.


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