London-based design studio H2 are feeling pretty buoyant right now following the recent launch of Lurssen Project Jupiter; a yacht characterised by a dynamic and sporty exterior.

Question is; when you’ve just launched one of 2016’s most talked about yachts, what’s the next move?

This is the answer. Project Elara is a 50m yacht concept which is styled with the same hand as Project Jupiter.

James Bermudez, Design Director at H2, elaborated on this similarity:
“The theme of integrated balcony structures and dynamic surfacing is a studio language currently being explored by H2 Yacht Design. This design ethos was shown to the yachting world in its full effect on the recent 123-metre Jupiter project launched by Lurssen earlier this year.”

H2 Yacht Design concept

We love the work H2 are doing at the moment, particularly in Turkey with Bilgin and Turquoise yachts. Let’s hope someone goes ahead and builds this latest dream-yacht.

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