In early 2023, Italian designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini shared his vision for a new 74m Superyacht named Plectrum. The interesting part? It is designed to be powered by an interesting and unique foiling system.

Keep reading to find out more about the stunning design features of this fascinating concept, finished with an eye-catching burnt orange hue. There’s even a video at the end by the Lazzarini Design Studio to show you around!

Foil Superyacht Plectrum
Plectrum. Sourced from Lazzarini Design Studio

Hydrofoil Technology & Impressive Speed

Today, foiling technology is becoming a big part of electric powerboats, waterborne bicycles, and surfboards. If constructed, Plectrum could become the largest foiling yacht in the world at 74 metres with the foils lifting her above the water with minimal drag, enabling the impression of ‘flying’. Three hydrogen-powered motors would power Plectrum at a maximum speed of 75 knots.

Foil Superyacht Plectrum
Plectrum side. Sourced from Lazzarini Design Studio

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The Inspiration

Apparently, the design for Plectrum was derived from the America’s Cup sailboats, which are exemplary of how yachts can utilise foiling as an integral part of technology. They sail at speeds of well over 40 knots.

America Cup's sailboat
Prada Cup winner Luna Rossa. Photo sourced from: Yachting World

The Layout

With 4 decks, the foil Superyacht has an impressive arsenal of luxurious features and would be completely constructed in carbon.


  • Streamlined design
  • Flat arched sides to form side decks and garage openings


  • 6 guest cabins
  • Beach club
  • Pool
  • Owner’s suite
  • Helipad
  • Garage
  • Amidships storage
Foil Superyacht Plectrum
Plectrum rear. Sourced from Lazzarini Design Studio

Official Video For Plectrum By Lazzarini Design Studio

Take a closer look at the unique foil Superyacht design in the video below!

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