In the world of Superyachts, pushing the limits of what is technologically and structurally possible is often the name of the game when it comes to design. Concept yachts provide yacht designers with a unique opportunity to push their imaginations to the limit. But what about Concept Islands?

Yacht Island Design wanted to create designs that feature locations, rather than transportation, approaching traditional yacht design in a unique way:

“We like to base our designs upon innovative floating platforms. It frees us to explore bold and daring ideas which challenge the accepted norms within the yachting industry. No longer are we bound by the restrictions of a conventional hull shape. This unleashes creative flair and individualism for our clients as well as us!”

In this exclusive interview, we explore their unconventional work, hopes for the future, and their approach to challenging the status quo for yacht design.

Yacht Island Design
Streets of Monaco interior: Photo courtesy of Yacht Island Design

The Foundation Idea Of Yacht Island Design

1. Could you describe your ethos and approach to yacht design?

The foundation idea for the company was to offer something different in the yacht design space. We wanted to create designs that were a place to be, choosing to base design on a theme, that could be anything a client desired.

2. Any future hopes and goals for your designs?

Currently, we are in discussions with a couple of potential clients. We hope to start working with them on one of our concepts in the not too distant future.

Yacht Island Design
Project Utopia side: Photo courtesy of Yacht Island Design

The Streets Of Monaco

As our first project, we wanted to make a statement by showcasing just how different this design philosophy could be from what is usual in the industry today. We are big motorsport fans, and the idea of putting a kart track on board was one of our first ideas. Combining this with our desire to design themed vessels Monaco seemed like the perfect overarching theme. We tried to capture the style and elegance of Monaco in the design.

Streets of Monaco: Yacht Island Design
Streets of Monaco: Photo courtesy of Yacht Island Design

Tropical Island Paradise

For our next concept, we wanted to create a design that blended a slightly more traditional-looking super structure with highly themed deck designs.

Tropical Island Paradise: Yacht Island Design
Tropical Island Paradise: Photo courtesy of Yacht Island Design

Project Utopia

Our third concept was very interesting. Lateral Naval Architects (BMT Nigel Gee at the time), approached us after prior discussions regarding the use of SWATH platforms as the basis for our designs. They wanted to submit an entry for the 2010 Monaco YachtShow Future of Future Concepts competition. The brief was quite simple: create a vessel as a place to be, based on the idea of a small waterplane area platform. It needed to be attractive and functional to showcase the possibilities of a vessel where cruise speed has been removed as a key attribute. It was a very interesting and productive collaboration – and we were very proud that the joint entry was chosen as the winner.
Yacht Island Design
Project Utopia: Photo courtesy of Yacht Island Design

Challenging Yacht Design Conventions & Upcoming Projects

1. For your current projects, what was the inspiration behind each design, and how do they challenge the usual conventions of yacht design?

The key element of change relative to conventional yacht design is considering the design primarily as a place to be rather than transportation. But that is not to say they can’t be used as transportation – it is just not the driving requirement. This provides huge scope for design creativity and enables us to offer clients highly personalised, exceptional experiences on the water.

2. What are your upcoming projects, and what new aspects to the design are you aiming to implement?

We are currently in discussions with a client but I can’t discuss this in any more detail at this time. I would see our future projects being led by our clients with our current portfolio acting as inspiration. That said, I do hope that in the not too distant future someone will commission The Streets of Monaco. As our first concept, it has a special place in my heart.
Yacht Island Design
Tropical Island Paradise rear: Photo courtesy of Yacht Island Design

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