The world of yachting is changing at a staggering pace, driven in part by a new generation of yacht owners. This new generation desires to not only embrace the latest technology, but to also travel in a more purposeful way. Yacht manufacturers are adapting to this new generation of yacht enthusiasts, creating vessels designed for a new era of travel.

Here we look at some of the latest yacht trends, and how yacht manufacturers are rising to the challenge.

Yacht Manufacturing: A Changing Landscape

Eco-conscious, responsible travel
Today’s younger generation of yacht owners are more eco-conscious than ever before and seek more responsible ways to travel.

Yacht manufacturers are now developing yachts with a raft of sustainable features for low impact cruising. Just some of these forward-thinking sustainable features include state-of-the-art hybrid propulsion systems, solar sails, sophisticated wastewater recycling systems, and dynamic positioning which allows a yacht to maintain its position without dropping anchor, therefore minimising damage to the seabed.

Sailing Yacht A is the perfect example of a state-of-the art yacht that embraces the very latest sustainable features. Built by yacht manufacturer Nobiskrug, this spectacular 142-metre yacht is one of the most advanced in the world, boasting features such as a state-of-the-art hybrid diesel-electric engine and the tallest sail masts in the world, enabling her to harness the power of Mother Nature.

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Six-star wellness treatments
Wellness is one of the latest trends being embraced on the world’s most extravagant superyachts, with yacht manufacturers rising to the challenge to create ever more extravagant spas onboard. Some of the world’s most decadent superyachts now boast spectacular wellness facilities that offer six-star treatments at sea, including indulgent facials, massages, body treatments, or even yoga and mediation sessions.

Yachts such as M/Y Legend, M/Y Solandge, and M/Y Beatrix boast some of the most spectacular onboard spas, enabling owners and their guests to relax and forget the stresses of day-to-day life.

Superyacht spa aboard MY Legend

Explorer yachts
Yacht manufacturers have seen an increase in demand for explorer yachts as a new generation of yacht owners seek more purposeful travel, whether it’s discovering rare flora and fauna or visiting remote destinations to learn first-hand about the impact of climate change.

Built for thrill-seekers, explorer yachts are able to travel to the world’s remotest locations, tapping into yacht owners’ desire to travel to off-the-beaten-path destinations instead of traditional blue-water havens. Explorer yachts can travel further and chart more extreme waters, thanks to clever sophisticated design by yacht manufacturers, including larger fuel tanks.

M/Y La Datcha is the perfect example of a state-of-the-art explorer yacht, offering adventure without limits. Yacht manufacturers have expertly designed this yacht to cruise the planet’s wildest natural regions, without sacrificing onboard comfort. Amongst M/Y La Datcha’s many amenities there are two helicopters, snow scooters, a 3-person submersible, and a large selection of tenders to explore remote islands and icebergs.

Damen superyacht La Datcha

Onboard state-of-the-art tech
Yacht owners are seeking the latest technology, with yacht manufacturers now building it into the very fabric of the ship. The Internet of Things allows for a more enhanced user-experience, with owners and guests able to customise everything from temperature, to music, or even art preferences at a touch of a button. The use of disruptive technology such as artificial intelligence can also help onboard safety, security, and ensure operational efficiency.

There is no question that yacht manufacturers are pushing the boundaries of technology and sustainability, creating ever more elaborate yachts to match the expectations of today’s discerning yacht owners.

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