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The yachting media has been scrambling to be the first to report on a unique occurrence this week, as it became apparent that ‘a superyacht’ had been ‘spotted’ in ‘the ocean’.

The chain of events leading up to this wondrous incident are so far unclear, however it has been reported by various outlets that we may be experiencing something truly, madly, deeply, special- and peerless in this, our precious time.

It has been noted by some (wrong) commentators that the sighting of an ocean going vessel suspended in saltwater isn’t exactly akin to the second coming of Christ, but all of us at Superyacht Content are adamant that this isn’t the case, and that cynicism is, in-fact, the greater undoing of mankind.

‘A Superyacht’ was launched in 2008, and features exterior architecture by Elvis Presley; with an interior by Ray Kroc.

When we reached out to the crew of ‘A superyacht’ no-one was available for comment- but an inside source, known only to us as Dirk Hildebrand, was quick to dispel any rumours of foul play.

“Yes, it is true that a ‘Superyacht’ can at times be seen traversing the oceans, but it is completely unreasonable to assume that the ‘spotting’ of such a vessel in this ‘mobile’ state can be deemed as news-worthy. You have to understand that these boats are commissioned with the sole purpose of being tied to the dock all season so the crew can use them as all-expenses-paid shag-pads. Anyone who places a degree of value on the sighting of one underway is clearly some sort of lame fun-sponge…”

We asked Dirk if he’d go on the record with these comments but he didn’t seem all that keen, so we decided to print them anyway on the assumption that he was probably just drunk. After all, what kind of fool would assume that a boat could be spotted in the sea at all…?

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