Four Ski Destinations Off The Beaten Track!

For those of you who have had the joy of a trip to the Alps, you know how addictive winter sports can be. Chances are, you are now hooked on skiing or snowboarding! This has likely led you to endlessly searching for the ultimate ski destinations to add to your bucket list.

We can all agree on the pros of the more traditional ski destinations like Austria, France, Switzerland, and Canada. But there is something alluring about the unknown ski areas, maybe for a unique take on Après-ski or a local twist on a Vin Schaud/Glühwein. So, we put our heads together and used all our contacts to think of some unique ski destinations and the things that make them special.

Portillo Ski Resort

1. Country – Chile, Resort – Ski Portillo

The first ski destination that came to mind will forever last in your memory if you get the chance to visit. It is a grand old yellow hotel! Portillo in Chile is the home of skiing in South America and still has some of the best off-piste skiing in the world!

The hotel’s interior is reminiscent of the Titanic and other grand ocean-going liners blending the best South American hospitality with classic Chilean wines or, even better, a Pisco Sours.

As a resort, it is very small, with only 450 hotel beds available for guests. This means you will have undisturbed skiing even on the best powder day. There really are some great days to be had with the off-piste terrain easily accessed by lifts or if you’re really splashing out by helicopter.

Skiing when your skis are normally tucked away in the garage for summer, that’s a yes from us!

Ski Resort Run Down:

  • Best time to go – July or August
  • Size – medium pistes but almost unlimited off-piste
  • 2 hours drive from Santiago
  • Pricing – comparable to the main European resorts

La Datcha

2. Country – Iran, Resort – Dizin

Whilst Iran may invoke images of dusty desert plains and bustling market souks. It also has some remarkable mountains that reach up to 5,000 metres and catch their fair share of snow every winter! Of course, there are international politics and potential visa problems in getting access, but Iran is a ski destination worth the effort!

Skiing in Iran is at a high altitude but also offers excellent potential powder options. As there are minimal tourists and Iranians don’t ski off-piste, you won’t have any competition for fresh powder! Dizin is the largest Iranian resort, with 15 lifts and offering a wide range of skiing for all abilities.

The locals are incredibly welcoming and keen to show off their country and mountains for those who make the trip.

Ski Resort Run Down:

  • Best time to go – February
  • Size – medium-sized
  • An exotic and enchanting ski destination
  • Pricing – 10 euros for a day ski pass and everything else priced similarly

Image by Climbing Georgia

3. Country – Georgia, Resort – Mestia

No, not the US state, but the country nestled on the edge of the black sea and Caucasus mountain range. A range of mountains covers nearly 60% of the country, making this a ski destination with many different opportunities. Our pick would be for the remote village of Mestia in the historical region of Svaneti! Although it only has two small ski areas, this ski resort will give you a real authentic Georgian experience from the millenia old tower house used to guard against invading enemies to the renowned Georgian hospitality with Chacha (Georgian brandy).

To access the village, you will need a bit of luck and a 4×4!

The cuisine alone is a reason to visit the country with a winemaking history to rival any country and food inspired from the Mediterranean and the middle east!

Ski Resort Run Down:

  • Best time to go – February and March (similar season to the Alps)
  • Size – small resorts but plenty of backcountry options
  • A look back to what mountain life used to be in the Alps before it became developed!
  • Pricing – live like a king on 50 euros a day!

Scotland SKI destinations
Image by welove2ski

4. Country – Scotland, Resort – Get the touring skis out!

What Scotland lacks in predictability, it makes up for in striking scenery and all relatively accessible from the major cities! As ski destinations go, Scotland is compact, and you can just as likely have whiteout conditions in May with no snow coverage in February, so your trip might be a bit of a lottery.

But when it’s at its best, Scotland offers some stunning scenery that is easily accessible from the road and normally only an hour or 2 away from Glasgow or Edinburgh. Touring offers the best option to explore the varied terrain of Scotland, be that the plateau at the Cairngorm National Park to the steep slopes around Ben Nevis.

And what better way to finish a hard day of ski touring than a dram of whisky in front of a roaring fire and a cosy pub. For expert itinerary planners for superyachts heading to the UK, go here.

Ski Resort Run Down:

  • Best time to go – April (long days and often the best snow)
  • Size – small but plenty of ski touring options
  • From rain in February to powder skiing in May, be prepared for everything at this ski destination
  • Pricing – cheap and cheerful

Hopefully, we have given you some inspiration for your next ski destination beyond the traditional ski resorts. Although wherever you end up, we know you will have fun!

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The best spots in Liguria for a day off

Located on the coast North-West of Italy, bordering the Cote D’Azur, Liguria is the perfect autumnal yachting region for any day off. From adventure and activity, relaxing beach days to immersing yourself in the Italian lifestyle and food scene, Liguria has something to offer any yacht crew. A popular region for winter berths, from the renovated marina in Ventimiliga, the large marinas of San Remo and Imperia, to the shipyards in Loano and Genoa, if you find yourself settled here, you won’t be disappointed. No matter where you are berthed, a convenient and well-connected train line stops off at most hotspots. 

Coastal strolls in San Remo

San Remo coastal strolls - The best spots in Liguria

There is an easy and scenic bike and footpath trail, which hugs the coastline for 24km, running from San Lorenzo al Mare, ending in Ospedaletti. This stretch of Liguria is known as the Riviera of flowers, easily spotted as why on this pathway. A perfect location for a day off stroll, or if you feel more adventure hire a bike in one of the many hire shops along the way. Take your time and pause en route in the many cafes for a refreshing Aperol and a fresh seafood lunch. Outside the summer, you will be free of the tourists and join the locals in their weekend walks. If you are looking for a more taxing walk, there are plenty of hiking trails up in the mountains in the Ligurian Alps, well marked for ease. 

Explore Bussana Vecchia 

Explore Bussana Vecchia 

Liguria isn’t short of a few old towns or two, but when it comes to the best, visit the impressive Bussana Vecchia. Located just a few kilometres northeast of the city of San Remo. You can easily spend an afternoon exploring this abandoned village, with art galleries, cafes and shops in between. The town holds a great deal of charm and character after its fate of earthquakes has been taken over by a thriving artistic community. 

A beachside relax

Alassio, Italy -The best spots in Liguria for a day at the beach

There are plenty of beaches to choose from within this Italian Riveria. After a busy summer watching guests have relaxing beach days, why not now enjoy yourself? Once the heat and crowds of the summer have dissipated, autumn is a temperate time to spend a day or two at the beaches. Alassio is probably the best for a beach day, close to marinas but far enough to make you feel truly on holiday. This popular seaside resort is the perfect day off destination, known for having one of the longest beaches in the eastern Liguria regions. Alassio also hosts a picturesque town with plenty of lovely seafood restaurants, cocktail bars and gelaterias. If you continue to explore, head down the coast just a few kilometres to Cervo, a picturesque fishing village. 

Indulge in Imperia  

ristorante oneglio - Imperia, Italy

Liguria doesn’t fall short in its cuisine. From the famous focaccia, the trofie pasta, to the purple asparagus of Albenga and the Genoese pesto. Book a table at Sarri in Imperia if you want to indulge truly. This Michelin-starred restaurant situated on the seafront is the perfect spot for an alfresco lunch. The chef uses restaurants directly from the family-owned farm. You will enjoy fresh and seasonal ingredients washed down with a prestigious Ligurian Vermentino, white wine. 

Adrenaline hit in Finale Ligure

Finale Ligure Mountain biking - The best spots in Liguria for mountain biking

Some days off may require something more adventurous than a long relaxing lunch. For the adventure junkies, there is plenty to do in Liguria, specifically lots of mountain biking trails. Head to Finale Ligure for over 200 km of quality natural trails perfect for all abilities. The year-round biking here is complete with fantastic sea views. If you only have one day, get a guide to be sure to get on the best trails with limited time. 

Head inland 

Town of Apricale, italy

Plenty of hidden gems can be found further inland, away from the coast. Hire a car and take a scenic drive. Make your way between the old towns and enchanting villages perched high up on the hills. One, in particular, is the perfectly preserved medieval town of Apricale. Wind your way through the labyrinth of old cobbled, stone streets. If you happen to be here on the second Sunday of September in the heart of the village is the Pansarola festival – think sweet pancakes, cream, and plenty of them. 

Scramble around the canyons 

canyons of Santa Lucia, Italy

Canyoning is a perfect day off activity. If you are in Liguria for winter, be sure to book in quick as the canyoning season ends at the end of October. An exhilarating experience where you will travel down the canyons by rappelling, climbing, jumping, slipping and swimming. It is a great way to immerse yourself in Liguria’s beautiful nature, particularly the canyons of Santa Lucia, between Albenga and Diano Marina. A guided tour will ensure you are safe and get to all the best spots. 

Hiking in Cinque Terre 

Hiking in Cinque Terre 

Possibly the most popular and famous destination within Liguria is Cinque Terre. This collection of “5 lands” is on many must-see lists, and rightly so. Dependent upon your location, you may need more than one day to visit. Especially if you want to make it to all 5 villages; Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso. If you are based in La Spezia, this is the perfect spot to explore the villages. The surrounding national park has plenty of hiking trails, well marked, connecting the villages. The current coastal trails are closed due to reconstruction from a previous landslide. However, there is plenty of hiking higher up within the vineyards. Arguably better, albeit more strenuous trails, wind up and down, giving excellent views back into the villages. If time allows, be sure to visit each as each is unique in its own right.

Splash out in Portofino 

Portofino, Italy

A popular postcard-perfect spot for yachts to take guests. This small and tranquil harbour is lined with luxury boutiques and high-end stores. However, this pretty fishing village is best out of the summer months and when you can truly see its lure. If you don’t want to spend all your latest charter tips, Portofino is still a great destination in the autumn, where you can enjoy its quieter streets and views. If you like walking, take the coastal route to Portofino from Santa Margherita. 

Soak up the historical Genoa 

historical Genoa 

Genoa is full of cultural and historical significance worth finding out about. It was the birthplace of Christopher Columbus and the biggest Italian port city. Exploring the waterfront at Porto Antico will enable you to discover more, visiting the maritime museum and the historic lighthouse, the third oldest in the world. 

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Thailand’s Borders reopen for Yacht Charter

It has recently been announced that Thailand’s borders will reopen for yacht charter, after their initial closing in March 2020.

As of this month, Thailand’s borders have reopened to visitors who are fully vaccinated and hold a Thailand Pass under their Test and Go Scheme. As well as this, other travel restrictions have been relaxed; including restrictions regarding mandatory quarantine periods.

See the updates on Thailand’s travel restrictions below:

Why you should visit Thailand by Superyacht - Thailands borders reopen
Phi Phi Islands, Thailand. Photo by Evan Krause

With Thailand’s borders reopen, travellers are now allowed into the country if they:

  • Have a Thailand Pass (must be fully vaccinated)
  • Possess a medical certificate indicating a positive result not less than 14 days, and no more than 90 days before departure
  • Quarantine in prepaid accommodation. This has been reduced to one night only. For those arriving by yacht, a stay aboard is sufficient.
  • Hold a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of departure
  • Take an additional PCR test on arrival, with a further ATK Self-test administered on days 5-6

In regards to the Thailand Pass, it is heavily advised that travellers submit their registration at least 7 days ahead of departure, as the current processing time is 3-7 days.

Visiting Thailand

The news comes as a great pleasure to yacht crew, as the World’s third Superyacht destination has an array of amenities to offer. From tropical temperatures to idyllic scenery; high mountain peaks to gold-sand beaches, Thailand has it all. Thailand is a superyacht destination where you’ll never be short of things to do and see! To find out why head over to our recent article on ‘the top reasons to plan a trip to Thailand.’

As well as visiting Thailand by Superyacht, it’s an ideal location for yacht crew to visit on holiday. More to the point, it’s an ideal, peaceful getaway that’s great for mental health and shifting your mindset. The tropical island of Koh Tao is the home to a popular retreat amongst yachties – Deishaview.  Perhaps you are dealing with big life changes or feel like you’ve hit a plateau in your life? Thailand’s no.1 retreat allows you to regain your thoughts and connect with others who may be feeling the same way.

All in all, with Thailand’s borders reopened, it’s time to start considering your 2022 travel plans.

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Vineyard Voyages For Superyacht Charter Guests

Vineyards to visit from iconic anchorages in France and Italy


The French and Italian Riviera are certainly two of the most popular destinations during the summer months in the Mediterranean. With gorgeous weather, pristine beaches, fantastic restaurants, and incredible scenery for guests to enjoy. These two iconic areas are also conveniently located near some world-class wineries. West Nautical has provided us with their picks of the best Vineyards in the French and Italian Riviera. Suggest a vineyard off of this list to your guests to give them the best experience possible. 


The best vineyards to visit: 



Wine and dine at some of Frances finest vineyards
Photo by Sébastien Jermer on Unsplash


Chateau de Berne, Provence 


This Vineyard is just over an hour’s drive from Saint Tropez. Chateau de Berne produces reds, rosés as well as white wines. And, they are known to be some of the best in the region. Here guests will be able to enjoy a cellar tour and enjoy a guided tasting session. This exceptional winery also has many dining options. From fine dining to a more casual al fresco dining with menu options from their own garden. 


Château St. Martin in Taradeau, Cannes, France


This beautiful winery is located just an hour’s drive from the exciting port of Saint Tropez.  It is in the village of Taradeau in Les Arcs. Château St Martin is a winery dating back to Roman times. The Domain, “Cru Classé” has belonged to the same family since 1740 and remains in the family until today. 



Chateau de Bellet


This vineyard is in the hills of Nice overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.  Guests will also be able to marvel at the Alps and Var Valley when visiting Chateau de Bellet. This region benefits from the wind in both directions as it assists in the slow maturation of the vines. As a result, their wines have a distinct freshness and elegance. This winery produces white, rosé, as well as red wines with white being their most well-known. Their wines have been served at iconic occasions such as Prince Albert of Monaco’s wedding. 



Italys top rated Vineyards
Photo by Charles Büchler on Unsplash

Conti di San Bonifacio, Porto Santo Stefano, Italy


This exceptional vineyard is located just half an hour’s drive from the coast. It is nestled between the Maremma Hills and the plains of the Tuscan coastline. The garden vineyard and boutique Cantina produces beautifully crafted wines, made with passion and authenticity. Guests can savour a glass of the second-best Syrah in the world. Which also ranks as the third-best organic wine in the world. There is also the finest Tuscan cuisine at Maremmana restaurant. All ingredients are locally sourced, and the chefs have given innovative twists to traditional recipes. 


Poggio dei Gorleri


The wine region of Liguria is most certainly well-known for its crisp dry white wines. They are born from the perfect environmental factors of the hills and ocean. This exceptional vineyard is located just five minutes away from the town of Imperia. And, is an idyllic location for an al fresco lunch and wine tasting in the Mediterranean sunshine. Guests can enjoy an incredible range of wine from a light-bodied, complex Vermentino to a fruity white Pigato. As well as the Riviera red Granaccia. 


Agriturismo Torre Pernice


Surrounded by the mountains and sea, Torre Pernice is a family-owned wine estate. It is located in Albenga Plain, a short drive from the coastal town of Alassio. There is a tower built in the 1500s from which the winery gets its name. This winery produces a range of white, red, sparkling, and fortified wines. In addition, it has a beautiful restaurant serving traditional dishes and specialty cuisine from the Ligurian region. 


Suggest a vineyard from this list to your guests and they will certainly be happy! Meanwhile, we hope you found this article helpful.


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Why You Should Visit Thailand By Superyacht In 2022

Thailand has always been a popular destination to visit. With tropical temperatures and scenery ranging from mountain peaks to golden-sand beaches, it’s easy to see why. With fresh news of the country becoming the world’s third superyacht destination, we are listing some of the top reasons to plan a February trip to Thailand.

Marvel at the natural beauty

Thailand offers a wealth of natural beauty for visitors. In the North of the country are high mountains and dramatic scenery. Here, you can also find one of Thailand’s most popular national parks, Doi Inthanon. It is famous for its waterfalls, trails, bird-watching, and spectacular viewpoints. The park is also home to Doi Inthanon Mountain, Thailand’s highest mountain which has an elevation of 2,565 metres asl.

visit thailand
Doi Inthanon National Park. Photo: Bharath Mohan

One of Thailand’s lesser-known beauties is Morakot Cave, which resides in the Gulf of Thailand on Ko Muk Island. The cavern, which is lined with stalactites leads to a gorgeous sheltered cove covered with dense foliage. You have to be prepared to travel through the dark cave to reach this secret hideaway, but that is part of what makes it a truly inspiring place. If you’re lucky you may see the inhabitant monkeys

Some other highlights of the country’s natural beauty include:

  • Kui Buri National Park – This beautiful park lies to the West of Thailand and is regarded as the best place to spot wild elephants in the country.
  • Similan Islands – An archipelago off the coast of Southern Thailand that boasts crystal waters, beautiful beaches, and coral reefs.
  • Freedom Beach – A secluded paradise found on the west coast of Phuket, Freedom Beach is a 300m stretch of white sand that sits between lush jungle and deep blue waters.

Enjoy the sunshine

February falls in the middle of Thailand’s dry season, which spans from November to early April. The dry season is generally considered the best time to visit Thailand. As well as being dry, it’s also the hottest time of year in Thailand, with temperatures ranging between 32-36 with up to nine hours of sunshine a day on average.

Following monsoon season in …, Thailand’s landscape is lush and vibrant. This makes visiting at this time of year especially exciting as you can see a huge array of the country’s flora. Consider visiting in early February to catch the end of Thailand’s sunflower season, for example. The best places to see the sunflower fields are in Lop Buri and Saraburi, just a short drive northeast of Bangkok.

Lop Buri Fields. Photo: Mark Lehmkuhler

Visit Thailand for the 2022 Thai Yacht Show

For those looking for a fun day out, look no further than the 2022 Thai Yacht Show, which is taking place in March. With over 50 yachts and 100 brands on display, visitors will be spoilt for choice during the four-day event, enjoy many activities from live music to sailing lessons. The event takes place in Phuket which, which experiences some of the highest temperatures in the country in March. You can find out more about the Yacht Show here.

Royal Phuket Marina, location of the 2022 Thai Yacht Show. Photo: The Private World

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Five Hidden Beaches To Add To Your Bucket List

Five Hidden Beaches To Add to Your Bucket List

Are you tired of busy beaches and following the crowds? If so, make sure to add these top five hidden beach destinations to your travel list!

Haad Farang and Tham Morakot – Ko Muk, Thailand 


With more than 3000 km of spectacular coastline, Thailand is full of undiscovered bays. The ethereal beauty of Asia offers emerald isles, turquoise waters, and phenomenal rock formations, a real treat for the bucket list – and your camera. 

The island of Ko Muk, located between Thailand and Malaysia, is home to the wonder that is Haad Farang. This small but mighty bay is ideal for families and those who love a swim in the sea, with its consistently calm waters.

The exclusive bay is tourist-free, unlike other Thailand areas such as Bangkok, with civilisation tucked out of sight amongst the trees. We don’t recommend this area of Ko Muk as one of our top 5 hidden beaches for nothing. 

If you cruise around the corner to Tham Morakot, you will learn why it’s known as the Emerald Cave. Lined with stalactites, the cavern leads to a sheltered cove covered with dense foliage. If you’re lucky you may see the inhabitant monkeys.

Of course, you have to be prepared to travel through the dark cave to reach this secret hideaway, but that is part of what makes it a truly inspiring place, unlike any you have experienced before.

Sv. Ivan, Cres Island – Croatia 

With plenty of fascinating town quays and colorful history, Croatia is a fascinating country to explore. Of all the places to visit in Croatia, we highly recommend Cres Island and its secluded beach, Sv. Ivan.

This crescent moon-shaped pebble beach is tricky to reach but worth the trek. It’s best to reach Sv. Ivan by boat as opposed to by foot, unless you are an adventurous hiker. 

Travelling by boat or chartering a yacht will provide a unique opportunity to explore the island from a different point of view, whilst also enabling you to reach secluded shores such as that of Sv. Ivan. Charter itineraries with West Nautical are available for those who want an organised experience exploring Croatia.

The beach has no facilities and very little shade but is ideal for those who really want to get away off the grid and treat themselves to a day of chilling in the sun.


Playa Llevant – Formentera

Formenteras luxury beaches

Ibiza’s sister island, Formentera is renowned for its relaxed culture and clear blue waters, a contrast from Ibiza’s party lifestyle. Complete with hidden beaches, the small villages of Formentera host a range of luxury boutique bars and restaurants. Here, you can dine, enjoy a cocktail and experience the Spanish culture in all its glory. 

With no airport, the only way to get to this idyllic sand sanctuary is by boat, which helps keep the island secluded and peaceful. With an array of celebrity visitors having praised the island such as Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, and Kate Moss, this is a hidden gem to add to your holiday list.

We recommend the peaceful Playa Llevant, situated on the northeast coast of Formentera. You can sit and relax in peace and tranquillity with picturesque views of Ibiza on the horizon above clear blue waters.

Another unique beach on the island is La Savina. This beach has a nautical atmosphere, centred around the port area. It stretches between the sheltered harbour and the inland lagoon of Estany Pudent- the largest of two lagoons on the island. Although it’s not one to swim in, it is definitely a sight to behold and an area to explore. 

Whether you want to relax and swim in the sea, or explore and visit the Island’s inland lagoons, Formentera will not disappoint. 

Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda – Caribbean


The first place we often think of when we hear the word ‘paradise’, is the Caribbean. It is the ultimate destination for relaxation and beauty. Located to the east of Puerto Rico, the British Virgin Islands (BVI) is where you should be going on holiday for a true escape.

The islands, although they show some signs of tourism, remain relatively undeveloped and unspoiled. The island itself is a challenge to reach, and you’ll require a boat to visit them. The best time to visit these islands is between November and May, making it the perfect winter getaway.

On Virgin Gorda, you can find hidden beaches/bays including Savannah, Pond, Devil’s, Mahoe, and Spring. Our personal favourite hidden gem is Savannah Bay. With white sand stretching for miles and lustrous turquoise waves, this peaceful unspoiled wonder is a sight to behold.

For a truly spectacular view, we recommend you head to the highest point of Virgin Gorda, Gorda Peak, where you will marvel at the panoramic view of the surrounding islands. The magnificent views and peaceful surroundings, make the island all the more worthwhile to visit.


Gidaki Beach, Ithaca – Greece


Located northeast of Kefalonia, in the crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea, lies the tiny yet beautiful island of Ithaca. Due to the small size of the island, it is best accessed by boat.


This island is not a heavily visited tourist destination, which helps it stay a well-kept secret in the Mediterranean Sea. Enjoy peace and quiet in paradise, as you take time out on the white-rimmed shore and appreciate nature at its finest.


Surrounded by the shelter of a forested cliff, the stunning views will make you feel like you are on the edge of the world. The calm waters of this hidden beach is any swimmer’s dream and after a walk to reach this bit of paradise, you be ready to jump straight into the crystal-clear water.

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Where To Visit In The Uk?

Wanting to visit the centre of the Superyacht universe, but struggling to decide on where to visit in the UK? This can be a daunting prospect for many visiting the UK by Superyacht.

Where do I start?

There are a lot of things to think of when planning a trip to the UK and here are some of the most common worries;

  • Cities
  • Anchorages
  • Berths
  • Customs and immigration
  • Tides
  • Provisions
  • Activities

Most Superyachts visiting the UK use an agent. This is purely because for most Captains it is an unfamiliar destination for a Superyacht. Add to this the fact that the country is so diverse and a little local knowledge goes a very long way.

MGMT is the only Superyacht specific agency covering the entire UK. It was set up by brothers Mark and Nigel Upton in 2009 and has grown every year since the London Olympics in 2012. They look after most of the Superyachts visiting the UK every year and do everything from berth bookings and provisions to itineraries, fuel, and chauffeurs.


In the UK there are some real “must-see” places which are high on the list of all guests. But there are a lot of absolutely stunning places which a lot of people don’t know about.


The Capital of England and a great place to take a Superyacht. There are plenty of berth options available and having your yacht in the centre of such an iconic city is a must.

Where To Visit In The Uk
Credit- MGMT Instagram


A great option as you make your way along the South Coast. Drop into Gunwharf Quays where you will be properly looked after by their team managed by Mark Collings.

Gunwharf Quays Superyacht port
Credit – Gunwharf Quay


Further west along the south coast and a popular marina for Superyachts, Poole Quay Boat Haven is another great option along your route. For larger yachts, the commercial port is a very clean and modern facility with a small tidal range which is always a bonus!

Poole Quay Boat Haven
Credit – Visitsoutheastengland

The South West

There are a lot of stunning options in the South West, and we’re confident that once you’ve taken a look, you’ll know where to visit in the UK. Needless to say, Dartmouth is one of the great Superyacht destinations in this area followed by Falmouth and also the Scilly Isles, which is like the UK version of The Bahamas. One of the most beautiful and remote spots in England.

Choosing where to visit in the UK is a no brainer when you see The Isle Of Scily
Credit: Peter Cumberlidge

The West Coast

Less commonly visited by Superyachts as the west coast tends to get missed out on the trip to either Ireland or en route to Scotland. This is not to say there aren’t some great places to visit. Superyachts have been to Bristol, Cardiff, and Liverpool on their way to or from Scotland. Each of these locations offers the perfect start-off point for some truly memorable inland excursions. Stonehenge, Bath, and Snowdonia are among these.

Mgmt Yacht bespoke planning
Credit – Matin Walley Photography


Where To Visit In The Uk
Credit- Aberdeen Harbour Instagram

Usually either the start or endpoint for most Superyacht UK itineraries. Scotland never fails to disappoint as it offers such diverse options for a Superyacht visit. Scenery ranging from white sand beaches to towering cliffs, deserted Lochs to remote castles. But, not only the classic reasons to visit Scotland. There are lots of award winning restaurants, beautiful hotels, activities galore and of course Whisky!

The UK has it all. Literally!

Whether you start in London and finish in Scotland or Vice Versa this is a country so diverse many Superyachts are making return visits, even in the winter!

Following on from where to visit in the UK, expect to see more on the kind of support you can expect from the huge amount of companies based in the UK.

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Mykonos: The Night and Day Destination for Superyachts

Cover Photo by Jack Krier on Unsplash

Do you have guests looking for an all-around ultimate holiday experience? Yacht charter specialists West Nautical have the perfect place! Mykonos: the night and day destination for Superyachts!

Mykonos is a beautiful island in the Aegean Sea, famous for its parties and extravagant lifestyle. This gorgeous Greek island is home to epic beach clubs and restaurants. It boasts natural beauty, picturesque beaches, and quaint Cycladic architecture, making Mykonos the perfect place if guests want an all-rounder holiday where they can make the most of the day and night.

Here we have five reasons to suggest Mykonos to your guests:

1. The Anchorages


Mykonos is home to beautiful anchorages. Guests will find pristine beaches, marinas and always be close to seaside restaurants. The crystal-clear water makes these anchorages the perfect spot if guests want an afternoon swim or if they wish to try their hand at water skiing behind the yacht’s tender. 

One of the most popular anchorages on the South coast is Ornos Bay. Only 3km from Mykonos Town, making it the perfect place for an overnight stay. Elia Bay is perfect for water sports or sunbathing and there is also a taverna ashore that serves the most delicious seafood if that is to your guest’s tastes. 

2. The Beaches


Mykonos is truly a beach paradise island. With the water ranging from crystal clear to the brightest blue, with golden-white sand, there is a new beach for your guests to visit every day. The most famous beaches are Super Paradise, Paradise Beach, Platis Gialos and Lia. These beaches are not only renowned for their beauty and beach clubs but also because they are perfect if guests want to wind or kite surf. 

Paradise, Super Paradise and Paraga are the best beaches for a party. Whereas Ornos and Platis Gialos are more low key, perfect if guests are looking a more relaxing day. If guests are after more privacy, visit Lia, as it’s more of a hidden beach off the beaten track but is still easy to reach by tender.


3. The Restaurants and Bars


This Greek paradise is home to many traditional Greek restaurants but is better known for its Mediterranean cuisine, fresh seafood and mezze dining culture. This island has something for all guests, ranging from rustic tavernas on the cobbles to fine dining restaurants. 

Interni, located on one of Chora’s most fashionable shopping streets, is one of the island’s most trendy restaurants. With artistic décor and punchy music levels, the ambience is perfect for a pre-party dinner. The cuisine served is a Mediterranean-Asian fusion with dishes such as beef tataki and ceviche.

Once a humble taverna, Hippie Fish was catapulted to fame after featuring in the 1989 film Shirley Valentine. It has since had a revamp complete with oversized rattan lampshades, colourful cushions and white tablecloths. This oasis looks right onto the beach and serves everything from a delicious Greek breakfast to a fine dining experience. 

The Queen of Mykonos is a champagne and cocktail bar attracting big spenders located on a street lined with designer boutiques. This is the perfect location if guests wish to end a day of shopping with a bottle of Dom Perignon. 


4. The Beach Clubs 


Suggest Mykonos as it is one of the Med’s top party destinations. Naturally, it is home to some of the world’s best beach clubs. Paradise Beach Club is no doubt the most famous of them all. Founded in 1969 and crowned the 14th best open-air club in the world, it has become known as the ultimate party destination in Greece. By day, guests will enjoy VIP treatment on one of the many sunbeds or lounging areas. When the sun goes down, it becomes an epic open-air clubbing venue where Tiesto and Afrojack have been known to play.

Super Paradise Beach Club attracts celebrities and models, enjoying DJ sets at night and a more mellow atmosphere during the day. The party gets going in the afternoons, although spontaneous, parties have been known to erupt at all times of the day. 

Jackie O Beach Club is upmarket and offers a pool, jacuzzi and a full-service beach. Their Mediterranean restaurant and all-day bar serve exceptional seafood. Guests can also expect to see a drag show at around 8 pm. 

SantAnna is the island’s most luxurious beach club in Mykonos. It boasts a full entertainment complex including a private beach, a traditional Greek taverna, sushi bar, four cocktail bars, a free form pool and a full-service spa and salon. All in all, it will be the ultimate luxurious day ashore for your guests. There are seven private islands within the pool, each with their own bars and butler service. There is even an underwater suite with a king-sized bed… 


5. The Nightlife 


Last but not least, the Mykonos nightlife! This island is home to over 100 bars and clubs, making it THE place for guests to party in the Mediterranean. Ranging from sophisticated cocktail bars, nightclubs and beach clubs, you will be sure to find a venue to suit the vibe of your guests. There is no such thing as a quiet night in Mykonos.

Many top DJ’s have graced the clubs and beaches of Mykonos with one of their uplifting sets. And, many clubs will stay open well past dawn, making this a destination where the party never stops! Every summer, this island is visited by people to enjoy the unparalleled party atmosphere and vibrant nightlife, and we can certainly see why.


Enquire now!

If you have guests looking to charter a superyacht in Mykonos, contact yacht charter specialists, West Nautical. They can offer yacht charters in all areas of the world. Visit their website here: West Nautical – West Nautical. For yacht charter enquiries, email charter@westnautical.com or you can now chat directly with their team on WhatsApp on +44 191 478 9920.

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Q&A with The Yacht Chef aka Dean Harrison

The 20th of October is International Chef day so to kick off the beginning of this week we are catching up with Insta Famous The Yacht Chef, also known as Dean Harrison. Dean has worked on Superyachts for the last ten years and is currently on Rotation on 60m M/Y Arience. In this interview, we spoke with Dean about his previous ten years of experience as a yacht chef and how he built up his 21,000 followers on his Social Media platform.


Tell me about your recent travels.

I’m fortunate, my current position is rotational, and I don’t have a base. I spend most of my time travelling whilst I’m off and eating my way around the world. My most recent destination being Mexico, America, Brasil and Australia. I have recently come back and joined M/Y Arience for the final charter of the season cruising the Balearics, which has been a great experience.

How did you land your first Yacht Chef position?

It was a little bit of luck. My career started on dive boats in the Great Barrier Reef. I completed three years of working on these to test my sea legs and ensure I didn’t get seasick. I then began applying for the bigger yachts, all based in the South Pacific, persistence paid off, and I eventually landed a chef/deckhand gig on a 30-meter yacht. I have stuck to what I believe in throughout my career and grafted my way to the top.

Private or charter, what’s your preference?

I would have to say, charter! I started private, and that is where I relished. I felt like I was part of the family, and for three years, in a way, I was. The family took me spare fishing and diving in some incredible destinations.  I feel very fortunate to have had these experiences. However, I am now on 60m Arience, a charter vessel, and you know it’s hard to beat the tips! We really are appreciated what we do for these families. I also love the verity. One week you looking after Russians and the next you have a Swedish family and then the following you have Americans. It provides such an array of challenges and keeps our work interesting.


What’s your favourite galley you have worked in so far?

Arience, 60 meters really is a perfect size! The yacht is massive, and they have made some significant changes to the crew areas, making it an enjoyable and more practical place to work in. I have a huge dry store and cool room, I’m really spoilt on here.

The Superyacht Industry takes you to all corners of the globe. What has been your favourite destination so far?

There are so many beautiful destinations in the world, but I really can’t go past Raja Ampat, Indonesia. That was a special place for me. It is so remote, and the sea life is just incredible.


Do you have a food hero?

I wouldn’t say I have a food hero. There are so many fantastic chefs in the world! The ones I admire the most are the plant-based forward-moving chefs. It’s such an old age perception to believe that every meal must have meat, and it is amazing how creative these modern chefs are. They do put out some incredible plates.

Which Plant-Based Chef stands out to you?

It would have to be Chef Rene Redzepi. He pushes for plant-based food because he knows the future. He is a true talent and is renowned for creating really beautiful pieces. It is becoming well known that having meat with every meal isn’t sustainable. Anyone can cook up a piece of meat and make it delicious, but someone who can turn a carrot into something amazing is pretty spectacular!

My second choice would be Daniel Humm, the head chef and owner of Eleven Madison Park In New York. He has been criticized for going plant-based, but I think he will be extremely successful if he sticks to it.


You have created quite a following on your platform; was this intentional?

It was never my intention as I was never a social media person; I was even pretty late to the iPhone party. I have always loved to document and carry a video camera with me. Instagram was just a place I could now put all the images I had taken. I honestly think I was one of the first to document a lot of behind-the-scenes of a yacht chef, which people found interesting. So I guess, in a way, it was just good timing.

What would you call Australian cuisine?

Australia is so young that we don’t have a rich history of food. What we do have is one of the most multicultural nations. Because of this, we have what’s called Modern Australian food. For me, it’s everything amazing from around the world, taken and refined.

Where in the world have you travelled to that stands out as being the culinary leader and why?

I know it may sound bias, but it has to be Australia. Being such a young country, the chefs there have learnt from different cuisines all over the world. We truly take the best from their dishes, build and experiment.

If you had to pick a country outside of Australia to visit for the food, where would it be?

I couldn’t name a country, but I will give you two cities. Barcelona and New York both have several fantastic restaurants!


We know you have been on a local produce journey recently. What did this entail, and what does local produce mean to you?

This was actually for a TV project I am developing, and it was such an unexpected, incredible experience revisiting where I grew up as an adult. You appreciate things a lot more!  We are so lucky in Australia. We have every type of climate within arm’s reach, and there’s nothing we can’t grow!

Will you be incorporating any of the products you’ve discovered into your future dishes?

Most produce I come across appear in my dishes at some point. It’s hard not to think about what you can create out of something as a chef. When you’re exposed to fantastic produce, your brain is constantly moving at a hundred miles an hour on how you can turn it into a beautiful dish.


Do you embrace the local cuisines and apply them to your work when working onboard?

Always! When the local produce surrounds you, it’s hard not to!

Three galley gadgets Yacht Chefs shouldn’t live without?

  • Thermomix  – It’s a blender on steroids!
  • A Rational/Combi Oven – I do love them. It just makes life easier.
  • A Decent Vacuum Pack Machine – Couldn’t live without one now that I have had one. They are so handy for prep and backup food.


What is the most challenging part of being a superyacht chef?

I think it’s the pressure to make every cuisine and food request to the client’s taste. The client has an image or taste from a particular place, and it’s your job to recreate that.

I once had a client ask for a particular corn beef hash dish they regularly had at a 5-star hotel. I attempted three times from the verbal descriptions they gave me, and I couldn’t nail it. They sent me a picture on the 4th attempt, and I got it straight away! So I guess it’s the expectation of giving them something they had in a moment of their life and it being exactly the same as what they had had previously.

Where has been your most challenging destination to provision?

Probably the South Pacific, where I started my career. I am pretty happy I began my career there and not the other way around, if I am honest.


You’ve been a superyacht chef for ten years now. Do you think you could ever return to land and work in a traditional kitchen?

Honestly, it would be hard, and I don’t think I would unless it was for a unique project or to start my own restaurant.

Lastly, are you able to let us into a snippet of your exciting new project that’s in the making?

I can’t give too much away as it’s still in the works. It’s for the yacht chefs. So watch this space!


To keep up with what Dean is up to follow him @theyachtchef. For more interviews like this one visit, here.

Off The Beaten Track Superyacht Destinations

Superyachts provide guests, owners and superyacht crew with the opportunity to explore off the beaten track destinations. Geoff Moore, the managing director of yacht sales and charter specialists, West Nautical, shares his top five off the beaten track destinations with us. So keep reading to show your guests a getaway like no other in one of the exceptional locations listed below.

1. Cocos Island, Costa Rica

Cocos Island
Image by http://www.costarica-scuba.com/

You can’t get more ‘off the beaten track’ than 550km off the shore of Costa Rica. Here lies Cocos Island. With mountainous terrain and over 200 waterfalls, this island boasts breathtaking nature views. And on top of this, aside from Costa Rican Park Rangers, this island is uninhabited.

Surrounded by deep waters, Cocos Island is renowned for its magnificent marine life. Hammerhead sharks, rays and dolphins are regular visitors of the stunning destination. The tropical climate (on average 26 °C) pairs perfectly with a dip into one of the four islands’ four bays. It’s no surprise PADI has consistently named Cocos Island one of the world’s top diving spots.


2. Antarctica Expedition 


A yacht expedition in Antarctica is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people and even in this remote location, your guests can enjoy the luxury of a superyacht charter. Antarctica is truly unique in its landscapes and wildlife. Whether it’s trekking across the terrain or ice diving with a specialist instructor, this is the setting for an unforgettable holiday.


3. Central and South America


The majestic wildlife of the Galapagos Islands is unparalleled. On the other hand, Brazil is notorious for its nightlife. What we are trying to say is whatever your client desires, Central and South America are sure to have something that fits the bill.

You might think that areas in Central and South America are hard to reach. However, venturing to these off the beaten track destinations by yacht is easier than ever before. There are many extraordinary superyachts already based in these areas awaiting your arrival.


4. The Virgin Islands


The Virgin Islands offer white-sand beaches, natural seawater pools and coral reefs: It’s the ultimate holiday destination. There’s something for everyone to enjoy, whether sunbathing under coconut palm trees or exploring the historic architecture.

This location is difficult to get to without a yacht. So, be the first to transport your guests to this picturesque off the beaten track location and give them a trip to remember.


5. Cuba

off the beaten track destination 5

Cuba’s colourful culture and sandy beaches are world-renowned. The picturesque, cobbled streets and colourful architecture are characteristic of the capital, La Havana. It’s also the place to be if your guests are looking for a night out like no other. Otherwise, Cuba’s shores’ endless beaches and clear waters provide the perfect backdrop for catching rays.


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About West Nautical: 

West Nautical sell, charter and manage superyachts from their head office in Newcastle upon Tyne. The business currently employs a team of 21 staff throughout their offices based in the UK, Russia, France and Cyprus.

 Since their inception over 25 years ago, West Nautical has become recognised as one of the most respected, trusted, knowledgeable and accountable professional services firms in yachting – mainly due to their relentless determination to act in our clients’ best interests. Their approach and attitude are transparent, refreshing, and focused on providing value-added services simply, elegantly, and affordably. Visit our website here – https://westnautical.com 

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For yacht charter, sales or management; please get in touch with Managing Director Geoff Moore Geoff.moore@westnautical.com  

Are You Up To Date With The Latest Travel Restrictions?

Do you know where to find the latest travel restrictions? 

Trips abroad have become a thing of the past for most in the last two years. The stress of globe-trotting during the pandemic is just a little too much, leaving people opting for a staycation instead. Unfortunately for superyacht crew, staying put is just not a choice we have had. For those of you who are continuing to travel across the globe, here’s what you’ll need to know about common areas of travel and where to find the latest ever-changing restrictions.

Here, we will provide you with the current restrictions our most commonly travelled countries have in place. Although, we advise you to continue checking the linked websites for updates as these  restrictions are changing continuously:


United Kingdom

The United Kingdom currently has a traffic light system in place. The rules you must follow depend on which countries or territories you have visited or travelled through in the 10 days before arriving in England. As of the 16th of August, if you’re fully vaccinated or under 18, you will not need to self-isolate in the UK following close contact with someone who has COVID-19. However, you will still need to take a PCR test and self-isolate if it’s positive.

For more information, visit: www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice


France is now allowing vaccinated tourists into the country. You must show proof of a negative PCR test upon arrival. Unvaccinated travellers will need to quarantine for 7 days after arrival. Fully vaccinated travellers do not need to self isolate but must complete a ‘sworn statement’ and proof of vaccination.

For more information, visit the Franch Government website, here


The easing of restrictions means that tourists who wish to travel to Italy (from certain regions) and those who have had a vaccination won’t need to quarantine on arrival.  However, you may need proof of a negative PCR test. This doesn’t account for the entry to Italy from the UK. 

For more information, find the latest restrictions Italy has in place here.


Easing restrictions means that tourists who wish to travel to Montenegro from certain regions and those who have had a vaccination won’t need to quarantine on arrival but may need to provide evidence of a negative PCR Test. 

For more information, visit Montenegro foreign travel advice here or current travel bans in Montenegro here.

United States

They have extended the border closure between Canada and Mexico to August the 21st. A travel ban to the US and Islands of Hawaii remains in place. Most can’t enter the USA if they have been in the UK, Ireland, Schengen zone, Iran, Brazil, China, South Africa or India within the previous 14 days. US citizens and permanent residents of the USA, certain specified close family members and certain other limited categories of visas holders are exempt. They will still be able to enter the USA, subject to normal entry requirements. 

US citizens will need to get a COVID test no more than 3 days before their flight departs and present a negative result or documentation of having recovered from COVID-19 to the airline before boarding the flight. Fully vaccinated travellers with an FDA-authorized vaccine should also get a viral test 3 to 5 days after travel. Unvaccinated people should get tested with a viral test 3 to 5 days after travel and self-quarantine for a full 7 days after travel.

For more information, visit the CDC website here or visit the UK travel advice website here.


Fortunately, all foreign travellers have had the all-clear to return to the Bahamas with no quarantine requirements, provided they can show proof of vaccination. However, travellers staying in the Bahamas for over 5 days will be required to take a PCR test and complete daily health questionnaires.

For more information, visit www.bahamas.com/travelupdates.


The British Virgin Islands

Easing restrictions means that tourists who travel to the BVI’s from certain regions will not need to quarantine. This is providing they have had their full vaccination for 14 days.  You will not need to quarantine on arrival or provide a negative test result but will have to take a PCR test within 5 days of arrival to the islands.

For more information, visit visits the UK government website, here 

South Africa

Although implementing strict health procedures, South Africa has reopened their borders to travellers that can present a negative PCR test within 72 hours before arrival. They do not expect you to quarantine if the PCR result is negative. South Africa has stated that masks will remain mandatory throughout the country.

For more information, visit the South African government website here


Australia will continue to implement their restrictions until mid-2022. The country’s border remains closed. That being said, Travellers who have been in New Zealand for at least 14 days before the date of departure can travel to Australia. A cruise ship ban permitting entry through Australian waters has also been extended until the 17th of September 2021.

For more information, visit the Australian Department of Health website here. For vessel entry requirements, go here or here.

New Zealand

New Zealand’s border is currently closed to almost all travellers to help stop the spread of COVID-19. The rule may vary for citizens of New Zealand and their immediate families who wish to enter from high-risk countries. The country is currently in Alert Level 4, meaning they are in Full Lockdown as they have recently had 1- confirmed community cases.

For more information on getting into New Zealand as a New Zealand citizen, go here.


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Five Stunning Destinations for a Superyacht Charter

Nothing beats exploring the world on a private superyacht, with the sea breeze in your hair and a glorious horizon ahead of you. Looking to discover some of the most beautiful locations in the world? Here are our top five stunning destinations for a Superyacht charter!

Croatia and Montenegro 

Croatia is a popular destination for couples wanting a romantic getaway. Its secluded beaches offer incredible views and experiences for luxury cruisers. What’s more, Croatia is rich in history. Amongst its ancient ruins, exquisite restaurants and bars are waiting to be discovered. Here you’ll enjoy an evening wining and dining surrounded by culture and history. Next door to Croatia is Montenegro. This stunning location also boasts the only 5 Gold Anchor Platinum marina in the Med, Porto Montenegro and many stunning 5* resorts. Montenegro is ideal for yachting fanatics. Complete with sensational water-front restaurants and elegant seaside hotels.

Hvar – Croatia

Amalfi Coast – Italy

The Amalfi Coast has the most glorious views and hidden coves that will take your breath away! It’s an especially peaceful area where charter guests can cherish the blissful atmosphere. As well as an enviable coastline, Italy is renowned for its impressive architecture and delicious Italian cuisine. Just off the Amalfi Coast, the island of Capri is definitely worth a visit if you’re into luxurious experiences. The striking sea scenes and iconic rock formations just offshore are too enticing to ignore.

Photo by Tom Podmore on Unsplash


Do you love the hustle and bustle of city living but also dream of a serene beach holiday? Then Cuba is the place for you. Cuba’s capital city is La Havana. With its brightly coloured buildings and classic cars, its culture is one to explore. If lively nightlife is important to you, La Havana has you covered. This city is overflowing with bars and nightclubs. Here you can dance the night away to live music, fresh mojito in hand! It’s also perfect for young yacht lovers. Crystal clear waves, beautiful beaches, and superb nightlife – what more could you want?

Photo by Stéphan Valentin on Unsplash

The French Riviera 

The French Riviera is the heart of the superyacht world. Its annual summer events, such as the Monaco Grand Prix, are very popular with charter guests. On top of this, the French Riviera exhibits some of the most exquisite superyacht models worldwide. It’s a great place to socialise with other yacht enthusiasts! The French Riviera boasts stunning beaches and attractive resorts such as Nice, Cannes, and St. Tropez. If you’re looking for luxury and glamour – this is the place to be!

French Riviera


The Caribbean is the perfect destination for a winter vacation with the family. With more than 5,000 islands, it offers endless opportunities to explore. Its limitless open waters are a sailor’s dream. The reefs and cays are ideal for water sports and diving. If you’d prefer to chillax on a sandy shore, however, there are plenty of exquisite beaches to choose from. Gustavia Harbour in St Barts is the place to go for all your recreation needs. Shopping, nightlife, restaurants, and European pleasures are rife here. Bask in the golden sunset in St Lucia. Or, if you’d rather lay on a secluded beach amongst the local pink flamingos, head over to Anegada. The potential is infinite!

Caribbean Sea

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About West Nautical: 

West Nautical sell, charter and manage superyachts from their head office in Newcastle upon Tyne. The business currently employs 21 staff throughout their offices based in the UK, Russia, France and Cyprus.

Since its inception over 25 years ago, West Nautical has become recognised as one of the most respected, trusted, knowledgeable, and accountable professional services firms in yachting – largely due to their relentless determination to act in our clients’ best interests. Their approach and attitude are transparent, refreshing, and focused on providing value-added services simply, elegantly, and affordably. Visit our website here – https://westnautical.com.