Have you ever felt overwhelmed with too many tasks and projects? Or after a busy day, you realised that you didn’t accomplish what you needed to? Don’t worry – you are not alone. Read on to see Yachtsmermaids tips on time management hacks for yacht stewardesses.

10 Time Management Hacks For Yacht Stewardesses

Society today focuses on pushing the narrative that we must constantly do more and get more done. Whilst I agree with the importance of achieving more, trying to do more constantly can cause a lack of focus – not to mention the stress it generates. In fact, over the past 10+ years as a Yacht Stewardess Mentor, this is one of the most common problems Marien, Founder of Yachtsmermaids has seen among Chief Stewardesses and Heads Of Department.

If you’re feeling less productive these days and wondering how to deal with and what can help, keep reading below to learn Marien’s Top 10 Time Management Hacks for Yacht Stewardesses.

1. Prioritise Your Self-Care Routine

Mental health plays a massive role in how you feel daily, including how you feel at work. Making your personal routine a top priority will support your mental, physical, and emotional health and productivity levels.

Here are a few self-care practices that will support your productivity and well-being:

  • Hydrate.
  • Move your body (exercise, dance, etc.).
  • Meditate, practice gratitude, or try intention setting.
  • Set a bedtime; the choices you make before going to sleep significantly impact the following day. If you know you need to be on your A game the next day, know your limits and learn what creates optimisation for your day.

Most importantly, get more sleep and turn off the phone a few hours before bed so it doesn’t negatively impact your rest. 

2. Plan your day

If your schedule varies and is inconsistent, give yourself 4-5 minutes the night before to plan your day. This simple practice will have a massive positive impact on your productivity, I promise.

3. Verbarise  your to-do list

To Verbarise means making sure that every item on your to-do list starts with a verb. It seems simple, but adding a phrase like ‘go to’ in front of ‘laundry cleaners’ or adding ‘brainstorm’ in front of ‘theme nights’ can trigger you into action and will make your to-do list easier to tackle, so you’ll get more done.

Remember, when you Verbarise your to-do list, you can’t just pick any verbs. Instead, pick easy, small, and do-able verbs. One-step actions that you can accomplish in one sitting or one errand. Something like ‘plan birthday party’ is too big because ‘plan’ is a project and includes many smaller steps. When you see ‘plan’ on your list and don’t want to go near it because it’s overwhelming. What if it were ‘make guest list’ or ‘buy candles?’ Then you can start taking action on your to-do list without overwhelming yourself to get more done.

4. Simplify to amplify

When you know what’s important, it’s much easier to ignore what’s not. Create a list of the crucial tasks for the month or week and divide them into two sections, urgent and important; once you have the list choose what job you need to do yourself or if there is someone else that can do it for you, which brings me to the next hack.

5. Delegate

Although the number one reason most Chief Stews under-delegate tasks is the fear of failure due to putting important tasks in someone else’s hands, there are other reasons, too. Some feel that proper delegation takes longer than simply doing the task themselves, and others even question their own ability to choose the right person for the task at hand.

Inside module 3 of the YM Self-Leadership course, I teach you how to take advantage of your team’s weaknesses and strengths to create better productivity; click here to learn more. Remember that delegating will not only bring your productivity levels higher but will also build trust, open communication, and engagement among team members. Plus it stimulates creativity, develops skills in your team, and creates a positive culture onboard.

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6. Put your life on airplane mode

Did you know that every time you resist a temptation or exert any kind of self-control, you start to drain your cognitive fuel tank? Choosing to use your limited mental fuel on important things vs. blowing it on stuff that doesn’t will ensure you become more productive.

So if you want to use your cognitive fuel tank wisely, here is what you need to do: turn your phone off, put your computer on focus or turn off notifications, and tell the crew or other people around you for a certain amount of time you will not be available unless it is an emergency. Also, do creative tasks first, such as writing emails, or putting together a team building exercise or training for your team, etc.

7. Avoid Multi-tasking

Psychological studies have shown that multi-tasking does not save time. In fact, the opposite is often true. You lose time when switching from one task to another, resulting in a loss of productivity. Multi-tasking may lead to difficulty concentrating and maintaining focus.

Do your best to focus on one task at a time by keeping your area clear of distractions, including putting your phone away and setting aside dedicated time for specific tasks. And remember, estimate how much time each task will take you as a baseline. It’s ok if you take longer or less, as this will help you figure out what tasks are more time-consuming than others. And always start with the urgent task that needs your cognitive fuel, in other words, mental energy or working memory.

8. Make a onesie

Whatever you are working on, especially on the computer, clear the area from all to-do lists, notebooks, files, etc. Grab a piece of paper and just write the one you are focusing on (don’t forget to Verberize it!) and have it near you to remind you that is all you have to achieve right now.

9. Have your own Stew Book templates

Expecting a vessel to have an efficient Stew Book, aka Standard Operating Procedure Manual, is a pitfall for your career. If yachting has taught me one thing, it’s that preparation is the key to success. As a professional stewardess, you always need to be ready to hit the ground running, and that includes having a Stew Book template that you can quickly customise to your team and vessel without spending days behind the computer.

That’s why I created the Mermaids Kick-Starter Bible to support Top-Notch Chief Stews with this big time-consuming task. With over 90+ interior templates, the MKSB will save you time and energy, as there is no need to recreate them. They are digital and editable! These are clear-cut, tried, and tested templates that you can use every day in a hectic season to keep your interior team on track. Merging your knowledge with these guidelines will create the perfect interior system for your team and vessel, whether private or charter. You can download the MKSB templates here.

10. Plan your work duties around your cycle

Yacht Stewardesses have been conditioned to adjust to a man’s workplace, environment, schedule, and approach to productivity for a long time. Exploring productivity at work through a female paradigm could be the key to unlocking your productivity genius zone.

“Each phase of your cycle provides you with amazing brain superpowers; it’s essential to know what those are and when they happen so you can plan ahead to take advantage of them.”

What if the secret to successful project planning and execution was embedded in the female hormonal cycle? What if you knew the exact time of the month you should be leading that team meeting or activity or asking for a promotion? Learning to sync your female hormonal cycle with your work and life schedule is the ultimate bio-hack to harness your energy and productivity.

The MKSB Productivity Training is the only one available in the yachting industry that teaches women how to use their monthly periods as a productivity tool.

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