The theme for the MYBA 2023 Superyacht Chefs Competition has been finalised, with a focus on sustainability and foraging.

2023 Superyacht Chefs Competition focuses on foraged food

Wicker baskets at the ready! Sustainability is the global overarching theme as far as future food trends are concerned, so the 2023 Superyacht Chefs Competition is going to revolve around foraged fare.

The challenge for superyacht chefs will be creating a guest dinner party using as many foraged items as they can in 3 courses (starter, main and dessert). A minimum of two foraged food items must be included in each dish.
Interior chiefs will need to prepare a ‘rustic dinner party’ table setting, also using elements of foraged and up-cycled items in their decor.

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Sarah Sebastian, Competition Coordinator

“It is certainly a challenging theme and one that requires careful planning and preparation. The foraged food items can be gathered over time (dried, frozen, fermented or preserved in any way).  They can also be gathered at the time of the competition. So advance notice ensures that our Superyacht chefs won’t find themselves in a pickle”
The process of online registrations will open at the same time as yacht registrations for the 2023 MYBA Charter Show, which is scheduled for late November 2022. Acceptance of the Superyacht by the MYBA Charter Show Panel must precede the registration of the yacht’s chef.
“We are looking forward to the innovation and creativity that will go into each plate next year. This could be a trend we can all go wild for!”

Details concerning the competition and how to register can be found on the MYBA Show website, with information packs ready to download here.

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