Top tips for Superyacht Chief stews

Step up as chief stew the right way and avoid these common stew mistakes

After training hundreds of stewardesses to become Top-Notch Chief Stews, Yachts Mermaids founder Marién has made a list of the common stew mistakes she has seen in first-time interior HOD. And helpfully, how to avoid them so you can have an easier time transitioning.

Here are some common chief stew mistakes and how to avoid them:

Mistake 1: Forgetting to develop a management mindset

How to avoid: You are likely thinking of jumping into a Chief Stew role because you’re awesome at your job. But the crazy thing about your new position is that it’s not about you anymore. As a stewardess, your number one job is to accomplish tasks. Now, as a Chief Stew, your number one job is to help other people outstandingly achieve the tasks.

This shift is often difficult for first-time Chief Stews, but it’s crucial—your performance will be tied to your team’s performance. This means that if your team fails, you fail. And if they succeed? You can take credit, but you have to share it with the rest of the team, or they won’t be willing to do an excellent job for you in the future.

Mistake 2: Not having an SOP in place

How to avoid: Create an Interior Management System, aka SOP. This manual, or stew bible as we call it in the interior departments, will be the backbone of your management duties. Without it, you will be lost like a needle in a haystack in your new role. The Mermaids Kick-Starter Bible will support you in creating your own Interior Management System. With over 90 digital and editable templates, you will save time, which means you will lead by example as a Chief Stew. Download the MKSB here.

Mistake 3: Repeating what previous Chief Stews have done onboard, even when inefficient or wrong.

How to avoid: Learning who you are as a leader is the key to succeeding in your new role. Repeating what others have done if it works is ok, but I often see first-time chiefs doing things the way they have seen others do it, even when they know it is not beneficial just because they haven’t taken the time to develop their leadership skills. The best way to achieve this is by investing in developing your self-leadership skill sets. If you are ready to heighten and develop your natural leadership skills in no time, check out the YM self-leadership mini-course; Click here.

Mistake 4: Over compromising

How to avoid: Knowing how to set boundaries with the crew, owners, and guests is crucial to your success. As a first-time chief stew, you want to show that you can do the job, but that doesn’t mean that you need to say yes to everything they ask, specifically if doing so means achieving the outcome by putting your mental and physical health at risk . Sometimes NO is the correct answer. That’s why reconnecting with your feminine energy and menstrual cycle is the key to setting boundaries and avoiding burnout. Understanding the 4 phases of your menstrual cycle will allow you to plan your personal and work life around it to support your mental and physical health and that of the team. Click here to learn more about the YM Magic Womb Masterclass for Stews.

Mistake 5: Leading from a frenetic energy

How to avoid: Having a self-care routine is essential to prevent engaging in frenetic energy. Practices like meditation, exercise, and guided breathing will help regulate your energy. As a leader, whatever you feel, others will notice and feel it too. If you are constantly anxious or worried, your team will pick up on that, and more than likely, they will start to feel the same way, which translates to a chaotic team energy and service. Taking care of yourself should be your #1 priority. If you don’t have a healthy mental and physical state, your work performance will suffer, and so will your team efficiency—That’s why Marién recommends investing in a coach or therapist to help you maintain balance in your life. She has over seven years of experience supporting stews in this field. Click here to book a session with Marién.

Here is what others are saying about their coaching sessions with Marién:

“Marién always gives me the tools I need to calm down and come back to myself so that I can be the best leader for my team.” -Greta

“my overall mindset has changed for the better, and we have done some critical work unlocking my full potential. It has helped me, not only in my work life but my day-to-day life.” -Marcelle

Remember that the secret to succeeding in anything you do and avoiding stew mistakes is preparing and investing in yourself. Click here to learn more about all the ways Marién can support you.

We hope you are able to avoid these common chief stew mistakes and progress you career successfully!

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