Definitely food is the new fashion! The bound  between pop culture and food has never been stronger. As a culture, we are obsessed with chasing food trends, finding new food innovations, trendy ingredients more and more sophisticated on media or social media. Every day we try to reinvent ourselves. As 2022 comes to an end, let’s see what the web says about the food trends for 2023.

A balance between health and indulgence will be on the menu in 2023, snacks like dehydrated vegetables or mushroom chips will continue to dominate. Globally inspired condiments, such as sauces, oils, and seasonings from nWest African shito sauce, Mexican salsa macha, the Indian achaar and other flavours are expected to hit the pantry in 2023. Environmentally friendly foods, such as alternative seafood, will help environmentally conscious consumers  to keep an eye on the planet Earth when selecting specialty products. Businesses will place a greater emphasis on regenerative agriculture, more localised and biodynamic food systems, carbon farming, and indigenous farming practices. Natural, alternative sweeteners, such as pure maple syrup, jackfruit coconut sugar, and honey, are ready for a change in 2023.

1. Plant-Based Seafood

Plant based seafood - Food trends for 2023!

Plant-based is the strongest growing trend according to the food industry radar. Vegan and plant-based diets continue to grow more established, with an increasing number of consumers following the diet either part or full-time. As concerns about environment, health and animal welfare persist – plus with a greater variety of plant-based options available – many more consumers will enjoy indulging in plant-based meals in 2023. Meat and especially seafood alternatives will be all the rage in the coming year.

2. Gut Health Foods

Gut health foods trends

Fermented foods are one of the best sources of nutrition for gut health. Eating probiotic fermented foods has numerous other health benefits that extend beyond improving only gut health. Fermenting food has been practiced since 6,000 BC. However, in today’s world, it is only gaining more and more popularity year after year.. Fermented foods include cheese, sauerkraut, and wine, but the trend extends far beyond these food staples. In 2023, we expect to see a lot more kombucha, kefir, kimchi, miso, tempeh, probiotic yogurt….and so on.

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3. Special Flours

Will speciality flours be a food trend for 2023?

Consumers in 2023 will reach for alternative flours as they seek out greater nutritional value. However, dietary goals like celiac disease and gluten-sensitivity play in the consumer choice for different types of flour as well. Rice and other flours made from seeds will be used for these reasons on a larger scale.

4. Better Poultry & Eggs

Egg and poultry

Egg and poultry producers already started to improve the life of birds and the quality of the chicken we eat. They are going beyond their better-than-cage-free animal welfare standards for laying hens, too; they’re putting more focus on outdoor time and of what they eat.

5. Dates

Earlier this year, dates went viral on TikTok when a creator shared a Snickers-like recipe using the fruit, but the date frenzy is nothing new. However, brands are now experimenting with how we enjoy and cook with dates, and using the fruit as a sweetener—not only for at-home bakers, but also in the form of pastes and syrups. By transforming dates into, say, a syrup, we can enjoy them and their caramel notes in everything from ketchup and barbecue sauce to overnight oats.

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