With yacht crew jobs on the rise, we’d like to give you advice for your interview. We’ve all been in a job interview before, haven’t we? If you’re already yacht crew, you will have been interviewed at some point. But, as time passes and your seniority builds you will find yourself interviewing others.

Lots of us have left an interview thinking “why did I ask such a stupid question?”. Others thought it went really well but never heard back. So, we talked to some Captains and senior crew and learned some of the things which annoy the interviewer. These are all questions that won’t do you any favours in a job interview. In fact, they pretty much guarantee you won’t get the job.

Yacht Crew Jobs

Do yacht crew get the weekends off?

Imagine you are a Captain. You have just spent half an hour talking to a potential new crew member about the yacht, itinerary, etc, and ask if they have any questions. This is the first thing that they ask. Yes, everyone likes a day off now and again but really? You must have a better first question than this!

How often do we get a pay rise?

This is the sort of question in an interview that will normally result in you being asked to leave! Ever wonder why you aren’t getting a second interview? This has probably got something to do with it.

Are any of the crew hot?

Yachting may not be the most PC industry in the world but there is still a line you don’t cross. This question is the line that comes after the line you don’t cross! Don’t be expecting a call back after that kind of blunder. Job interview over!

How fast is the internet on board?

Yes, we know it is very important to keep in touch with friends and family back home. It’s even more important to make sure you can post on Instagram to make sure they all hate you for your “perfect life” too. But, remember this is a job interview. We agree that communications and contact with the outside world are important but timing is everything. This should not be one of your “deal-breaker” questions.

How many courses per year will the yacht pay for?

Unlike the first three, this is actually a fair question to ask. However, from speaking to a few Captains about this it is all about timing and context. Asking about time off for training and self-development can make you look keen. You are career-minded and Captains like this. But asking for extra time off and money to pay for the courses can make you appear greedy and self-serving. There is a time and a place for this one, choose it wisely.

Remember this

Yacht crew jobs will always be around, and the interviews are tough. Remember, they are the only opportunity the interviewer gets to see what you are like as a person. Yes, it is definitely important to be yourself. Your personality is a major part of what is under scrutiny in a job interview. But, be the best version of yourself! Working on a Superyacht is all about presentation, standards, manners, timing, and most of all hard work. The person interviewing you wants to see you are capable of all these things. So, whilst all the questions above are valid (except maybe the hot crew one!) there is a time and a place for everything.

Yacht crew jobs

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