Like any other job in the ‘real world’ as some like to call it, there are pros and cons. Whether that be missing your home creature comforts, land-based fun, friends and family? We’ve concluded a list of 5 things yachties take for granted.

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1. Travel.

‘I’m working in the Norwegian fjords this week but next month I’m moving down to Mallorca….’ Without a doubt, working on a Superyacht will take you to some of the world’s most amazing destination, with few locations beyond yachts reach. Some of these may not have even reached your radar before. Especially now with more and more itineraries going off the beaten track. You will either be visiting new destinations regularly or be based on a handful of countries, both has its benefits.

Allowing you to explore new places all the time or giving you the opportunity to get fond (or not!) of certain places. Crossing oceans, island hopping or staying on one coastline, this job gives you changing landscapes, far from the same office view. When your workplace is constantly moving, this can also mean additional travel opportunities for your time off. For example, if you’re in Gibraltar, then why not hop across to Morocco for the weekend?

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2. People.

“My Australian friend is in Barcelona this weekend visiting our Kiwi deckie from our last boat…” –  International socialising is rife. This industry introduces you to people from all corners of the world. Building up relationships can lead to lifelong friendships. As well as, the varied locations you can visit on time off. Not only the crew on your boat but mixing with other crews will expand this social network, social channels in particular have facilitated this. And aside from crew, you will also meet people in general on your travels, mixing with different cultures and building up worldwide friendships.

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3. Lifestyle.

‘We are going to the BVI’s again this season, but would prefer Antigua…’ Getting dragged to and from exotic islands can really take its toll. Start to appreciate being based out of these glamorous marinas or anchored in some of the world’s most idyllic destinations. Your surroundings are pretty much always top-rated, not to mention the elite experiences that you’re opened up to; multiple regattas, races and boat shows that you become part of.

4. Benefits.

‘Every month I have to pay rent and grocery bills, find spare cash for utilities, my car is expensive and not to mention buying my own toiletries and paying tax…’ Said no yachties ever. This is by far one of the biggest things yachties take for granted! With a healthy salary and most expenses covered by the yacht, your saving powers are stronger than most people on land, giving you better financial stability. Yacht and progression dependent, there may also be the opportunity to further your qualifications and training whilst working on board.

5. Comforts.

To conclude with our list of things yachties take for granted… ‘This weekend we should test out the new dive gear” – Living on a yacht that has been built with a billionaire in mind means that your floating home will have a lot of lavish touches. Sure, the crew quarters won’t live up to the guest areas but you still have plenty of advantages living on board. You live in an extremely clean space (cotton bud detailing come to mind?), eat high-quality food, your laundry is folded to a standard that makes clothes store folding look messy, and if something breaks there is always someone to your rescue. On top of your day-to-day living, at weekends you may even get to use the yachts toys for your own adventure.

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So, if you’re yacht crew and you’re reading this, remember that sometimes a Superyacht woe can simply be put down to too much of a #firstworldproblem…

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