There are billions of people living in the world but few are billionaires and this small percentage of our society really are in a league of their own. Spending all that cash results in a lot of big investments and a pretty popular one among this tiny circle of money makers is their very own private yacht. Whether it’s for show, pleasure or privacy, to share with family or simply for lack of anything else to do with their never-ending wealth, these floating palaces are the ultimate luxury toy and as crew working onboard we get a good insight into their world.

1. They don’t play by any rules

Billionaires tend to be of the belief that rules don’t apply to them and if they are told something can’t be done then it’s more than likely they will find a way that it can be. There are no boundaries, they have exclusive access to everything and the only thing that can really tell them ‘no’ is Mother Nature, and even then, she is usually challenged…

2. They are frugal

Because how else do the rich get rich? They hold onto their money, tightly. Although they have paid out a huge chunk of cash for their outlandish yacht with all the toys and gadgets, they tend to have a strong hold on cash flow. Like having a small, exceedingly needy child a yacht holds many of the same comparisons, whether it’s crying because it needs a new piece of stainless that cost thousands or it needs a timeout, out of the water for some serious cleaning, yachts are continually expensive and owners like to know why, in detail.

3. Their health is everything

From Paleo to Zone to Atkins to Juicing to Raw to Keto to South Beach to Fasting, there are no shortages of fad diets in the world, especially available to those yacht owners provided by specialised chefs. Whether it’s backed scientifically or not, it’s common that billionaires are willing to try out most things if it might have a positive impact on their health. Be warned though, you must have decadent dessert recipes and champagne to hand because even the most devoted fad dieter will fall off the wagon, especially on holiday.

4. They wear the same outfit

yacht onboard

A lot of yacht owners have cupboards full, walk-in wardrobes brimming, suitcases in bilges overflowing with additional seasonal clothing, vacuum packed bags with outfits but that one pair of favourite board shorts or kaftan that will always be the winner for a yacht owner. No matter whether they are relaxing on the aft deck, out on the jet ski, or off at the French Riviera’s latest gourmet restaurant that one (or maybe two if you have a particularly fashionable owner) will be out in full force. Although they still like to try on every other outfit each day before they have chosen the old faithful, making washing, drying, ironing and putting away a never-ending delight…

5. They have a relentless work ethic

Whether you are in the world’s most beautiful anchorage, there are dolphins spinning and doing jumping jacks at the bow or champagne is flowing in the hot tub whilst the sun is sinking, whatever the perfect situation, billionaires are still on call. It is this commitment to work that makes them a cut above the rest and in this club to start with. The endless crew mess chats trying to fathom why they still return to work rather than spending every day wakeboarding in Croatia will continue to confuse crew for the rest of time.

6. They don’t live up to stereotypes

Sometimes billionaires do live up to their deserved bragging rights, why wouldn’t you call on these when you have a crystal studded bath on your floating holiday home? On the whole though, they tend not to be the greedy personalities that the media can make them out to be. In general yacht owners want to do something worthwhile with their endless money pits and look for ways they can contribute. YachtAid Global is a great example of how superyachts are being put to good use with aid and disaster relief.

7. They are big picture thinkers

So they can start billion dollar companies, find solutions to unfathomable problems and make multimillion dollar decisions from the flybridge but getting them off the boat with everything they will need can prove to be one of their harder tasks to complete. Being bigger picture thinkers, their concerns lie with their investments and influential decision making but trying to find their shoes or sunglasses is a whole other problem in itself. Because why waste time on the smaller things when you have a whole team of yacht crew to do them for you?

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