It’s that time of year when some of us are feeling rather organised, though the majority of others are starting to panic… Yes, Christmas time is just around the corner, and if you’re over in Antigua, you’re a long way away from Amazon’s next-day delivery service.

For those who are lucky enough to be over in the Caribbean right now, you may be finding it hard to get in the festive mood with all that sun shining down on you. So here’s your friendly reminder: Christmas is nearly here!

Stressful though it may sound, we’ve compiled a stop-by-stop guide on how to get the best out of a Christmas shopping trip for your crew mates in Antigua.

Stop 1: Turtle’s Surf Shop

Christmas in Antigua - Visit Turtle's Surf Shop

Image by Turtle’s Surf Shop

Turtle Surf Shop is the go-to shop in Falmouth Harbour for yachtie attire. If you’re looking to purchase a pair of the ‘world’s best board shorts’, or if you have a loved one who is a (wannabe) paddle-boarding fanatic, these guys have got you covered. We love this place because buying from here means your conscience won’t be taunting you- Turtle’s supports small, ethical independent brands that are focused on producing environmentally friendly products. Also because it’s conveniently located right on the yacht club dock, next door to Skullduggery…

Stop 2. Skullduggery

Bars in Antigua - Skullduggery

The notorious Skullduggery is home to the world-famous cocktail the Espresso Martini. You can buy t-shirts and rum bottles here, both of which would make fantastic gifts. You can even pick up a bottle of their magic Martini Mix to guzzle in the crew mess at some point back in the Med. It’s everyone’s favourite bar for a reason so be sure to fuel up here before you make your way to our next stop.

Stop 3. Crab Hole Liquors

Crab Hole Liquors - Antigua

Image by Crab Hole Liquors

That right there is Crab Hole Liquors. Those looking for a boozy Christmas gift need look no further. Choose from the super convenient Crab Hole Too in Nelson’s Dockyard, or venture out into St Pauls (en route to the Cat Club) for a wider selection at their larger store.

Stop 4. Momzy Burger

Momzy Burger in Antigua

Everybody knows and loves Momzy. Investors from London have tried to persuade her to relocate, but we can understand why she wouldn’t want to leave Antigua behind… Served up on a BBQ on the side of the road by the legendary Rasta Shack, her burgers are some of the most famous in the Caribbean.

Despite some (unfounded) concerns about late-night food poisoning, most visitors are too plastered to care and scoff away at her insanely flavoursome creations. A Momzy Burger t-shirt is a rare and distinctive item, so would make THE perfect present for any Antigua lover. Plus, if you’re not sporting an ‘I ate a Momzy Burger in Antigua’ t-shirt, can you really claim that you’ve had the true Christmas shopping in Antigua experience…?

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Stop 5. The Gazebo

Getting a little more serious now…and you’re going to need a car! Just north of St John’s, you will find The Gazebo. This store is situated behind Jasmine Court on Friars Hill Road and is full of high-end homewares and trinkets from around the world. Perfect for present hunting!

Note: You may not be allowed to buy your engineer a sofa for the ECR back on the yacht here.

Stop 6. Epicurean

Most of the yacht stews will already know of Epicure from getting groceries and other supplies for the boat. Other than that, the Epi (as it’s known locally), is a great place to grab some hot food to-go, and is brilliant for cheap and cheerful gifts.

Stop 7. Heritage Quay

Heritage Quay is Antigua’s premier shopping centre, where you can visit many duty-free stores. It’s the perfect area to wrap up your shopping trip and pick up anything that you are yet to find. There are all kinds of shops here, from electronics to fashion, and it’s located in St John’s, Antigua’s capital.

So there we have it. At first glance, Christmas shopping in Antigua might seem like quite a daunting task, but add in a few pit stops along the way and it will turn into a day of fun in no time at all. Just don’t forget to buy the actual presents.

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