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It can be hard to act as host to a holiday you are unfamiliar with. Therefore, Superyacht Content have put together a simple crew’s guide. We will outline all things Thanksgiving- for yacht crew who do not traditionally celebrate this holiday.

Thanksgiving differs from the likes of Christmas or Easter. This is because it is not a religious holiday. Meaning, most Americans from all backgrounds take part in the festivities. So, chances are, if you have American guests onboard this November, they will celebrate Thanksgiving.

It can be difficult for yacht crew to prep for and work on a celebration you do not necessarily know about or celebrate yourself. This is why we have created a yacht crew’s guide to Thanksgiving. If you’re looking for a little more insight so you can successfully cater to the needs of your guests this Thanksgiving, or if you want a little more insight into what Thanksgiving is all about, then we are here to help!

Here is our Yacht Crew’s Guide to Thanksgiving:

When is it?

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Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday every November. This means it is not the same date every year, but always the same day. This year, Thanksgiving falls on Thursday, the 25th of November.

What is it about?

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The traditional Thanksgiving tale portrays a celebration of the settler’s first successful harvest in 1691. Supposedly, the Settlers and Native Americans ate together on this day and taught each other unique skills. Nowadays, it has become a day where you reflect on the things you appreciate in life. And, give thanks to those things you are grateful for. This is where the name ‘Thanksgiving’ comes from.

What Happens on Thanksgiving?

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Traditionally, families will gather together and eat a special Thanksgiving dinner at around 4 or 5 pm. Various things occur throughout the day families may like to attend local parades or play games together. Every year, there is a broadcasted parade in New York often watched by thousands. And, many American Football games take place. These are things guests may want to watch before their main meal.

Families may also request to watch Christmas movies onboard, as they consider it the starting point of the ‘Holiday Season’ for many Americans. But, the main event is the food.

So, what food do you need onboard?

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First things first, there’s the turkey centrepiece. To accompany, supply cornbread for stuffing and cranberries for sauce. Then, a plentiful supply of potatoes is needed for mashing, roasting and salad. Next, there are the green beans, Brussel sprouts and butternut squash. That’s pretty much it for the savoury side.

However, you must not forget the post-meal pies! And there are a lot of them. The traditional Thanksgiving pies are apple, blueberry, pecan and pumpkin. You may need to check guests’ preferences and see which they would prefer. Of course, there will probably be wine involved to wash it all down too! After this, the spread is complete.

If you have American guests onboard this Caribbean season, you will know a little more to help you cater for their needs on this day!

We wish you the best for the up-and-coming season and hope it’s a successful one.

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