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LH: When it comes to employment and yacht recruitment, the yachting industry has its trials and tribulations. A relatively young industry that spans the globe sourcing talent from all walks of life.

In the more traditional sense, job boards, job posts, and recruiting have been the norm, but one aspect of every hiring process that is neglected is the referral.  Regardless of the job or location, a referral can carry with it such weight you may forgo the typical steps of hiring, and just go straight to hired.

Captain Luke Hammond launches a solution to yacht recruitment to help all
Image by Captain Lord Luke Hammond

So the question remains, why isn’t this process more available in the current digital climate?

This has been a question that Captain Lord Luke has been asking since 2013, and in November 2022 shortly after the close of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Luke aims to soft launch what could be a game changer for everyone in Yachting.

“For years I’ve been hiring crew or helping connect people in Yachting.  Behind the scenes, we refer people regularly, and I’ve been looking for a solution to this very problem” – Captain Lord Luke

The platform aims to solve the problem of connecting people with the right jobs, which opens up amazing opportunities for recruiters, captains, and businesses that join the platform.  We have solved another contentious problem for every job seeker, a simple response to their application.

“This is a huge undertaking if I’m going to be completely honest, so I’m turning to our industry for their support in helping make this a tool that everyone can use, regardless of their vertical in our industry”.

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About Captain Luke Hammond:

Luke began his career as a deckhand in 2004 and obtained his Master 3000 Yachts license in 2012. As of early 2019, he has been the Captain of a 45-metre Feadship yacht, M/Y Bella. From Alaska to Greece, BELLA has taken him to some amazing yacht charter destinations.

The steps he took to become a Superyacht Captain:

LH: When I started in 2004 I knew nothing about yachting except for some dinghy sailing and basic small-boat handling.  It was without a doubt a sharp learning curve and started as a deckhand.  I originally started on Touch, then moved to Blue Harem a 42m Heesen which was a heavy charter yacht.  I also attribute my skill set to work in that program, even if it was tough.

It was on Blue Harem the concept of doing my yacht master set me off on the path to Captain.  Back in 2005, there wasn’t a lot of info online, so it was all word of mouth.  So after finding out the course of progression, I made a beeline for every level of certification I could.  I would always shoot for yachts that were moving so I got the sea time and experience I needed before doing my courses.

Advice for crew who are going through the hiring process and trying to find the right vessel for them:

LH: My advice for anyone starting out in Yachting is to gain as much perspective of the industry and the timeline of progression.  Think of this as a birds-eye view of the industry, that gives you an overview of what you will cover over the coming years.  From there create a plan of attack, and make part of that discovering as much as you can about Yachts and the role you want to go for.  When it comes to which yacht, in the beginning, you really have no say, just get your first job and learn learn learn, be a sponge!

My biggest set of advice for starting out on the job hunt is you need to talk to real people, (as no one is going to hire you just off your cv).  Find a way to talk to people in person when possible, show them your real value and what you can deliver, and if it can’t be done in person, just make sure your emails stand out!

If you would like to be involved in the prelaunch, head over to – The solution to yacht recruitment that helps all, and sign up to be one of the founding members.

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