If you are thinking about chartering or even buying a superyacht read on because this list will be enough to convince you to do it in time for summer.

1. You will see incredible wildlife shows

Being on the ocean presents endless chances of amazing wildlife viewing, where you can truly get up close and personal. You’ll see pods of jumping dolphins just an arm’s length away at the bow, playful sea lions lying on beaches and whales breaching in the wilderness and that’s only above the water! Imagine what you can see when you dive down to swim with turtles and tropical fish whilst manta rays float above you.

2. You can have those once in a lifetime adventures

Along with the luxury and privacy, superyachts enable once in a lifetime adventures that are not easily achieved for most of us. Being in destinations where the world’s elite hangout, you can find yourself enjoying unique experiences such as dining on the aft deck trackside at the Monaco Grand Prix or having sundowners on the top deck looking over St Mark’s Square in Venice.

Excursions off the yachts can also be far from the norm, helicoptering to a vineyard and then onto a Michelin star mountain restaurant, or perhaps a hot air balloon ride over ancient ruins. To end those incredible days what better way than to watch the sunset onboard from your spa pool with a glass of champagne in hand. Bliss.

3. You can get well and truly off the beaten track

Whilst there is a lot to be said about the traditional superyacht hubs of the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, why cruise in a place where everyone else is? Traveling by yacht gives you the ability to experience some of the world’s more remote areas still in complete comfort and luxury. Superyachts have the capability to get you well and truly off the beaten track. Think remote and empty anchorages off a tropical South Pacific island to cruising through the extreme but magical landscapes (and climates) of Antarctica.

4. You can do everything, everywhere

There really are no boundaries when it comes to superyachts. Most yachts have a big ‘toy’ selection on board for guests whether they want to go kitesurfing, wakeboarding, water skiing, jet skiing etc. You could also have a scuba diving, yoga and fitness instructor on hand depending on what training the crew have. Also, with a top quality chef, there is a menu of your choice and cocktail masterminds behind the bar that will leave you wanting sundowners at sunrise. On top of that, you can have your whole experience captured and documented if you so wish by the onboard drone and videographer. Off the boat, there are tours, excursions, more activities, beach BBQs, cocktail soirees and chance to soak up the country’s culture with no organisation needed from yourself. Everything runs seamlessly and you will wonder why you haven’t been on a superyacht before.

5. You can completely switch off

If you want to… From sunbathing on the deck and not having to get your own book, suncream or towel, to not having to think about what to have for dinner or do your own laundry. On a superyacht, you can sit back, relax and let the crew take over. Whilst superyachts have the necessary technology on board to access internet in the most remote of places it is also a great time to switch off, have some downtime and get in touch with the ocean through a digital detox.

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