There is no denying yacht crew are watch addicts, which is why we’re sharing why you should jump on the trend and order the new for 2022, CODE41 Watches X41 model.

Images by CODE41 Watches

Sapphire is one of the most exclusive and sought-after materials in watchmaking, and CODE41 Watches released on April 12th their popular X41 model in its finery, by covering it entirely with sapphire. With only a limited amount available, the Swiss watchmaker combined their vision of creating a transparent and authentic fine piece, for watch enthusiasts, while keeping the price unmatched by the rest of the market.

Top 5 reasons why everyone’s pre-ordering the new CODE41 watches sapphire coated X41 model:

  • CODE Watches designed and produced the exclusive CODE41 X41 sapphire coated model in limited quantities.
  •  The exclusive architecture and design were finished and assembled by hand.
  • The transparency and authenticity of the components are like no other fine watch on the market, with the asking price unmatched. (Price starts from 5’393 CHF (5’443Eur, 4’995GBP, 5’443 USD), while comparable watches cost 20,000 CHF+)
  • Sapphire is one of the most exclusive and sought-after materials in watchmaking.
  • Exclusive peripheral oscillating weight mastered by only a handful of brands
  • A strikingly beautiful transparent sapphire case to pair with the 2022 CODE41 X41 model. Also available is two other high-quality materials for the X41 case: titanium (grade 5) and AeroCarbon.

The 2022 X41 design developments include:

  • CODE41 Watches ran a survey to Fine Watch enthusiasts, proposing 9 colours for the new X41 model bridges. Of which, green and rainbow were chosen. The superior fine watchmakers collaborated with Positive Coating, world recognised Swiss specialists in the decoration of watch components, to customize the Saffire coated watch.
  • With 5 colours available, each model can be combined with a strap chosen from a large selection of leather and metal straps. As well as the R41, a high-end rubber strap. New for 2022, the latest design development for the X41 sapphire model is a translucent strap; Made from the highest-quality material.

3 Unique benefits of the Sapphire case:

Designed to ensure the transparency and authenticity of the components go unmissed by no one, the X41s exceptional mechanical characteristics offer numerous benefits:

  • Its exceptional hardness grants it much greater resistance to scratching than that of steel, titanium, and carbon fiber (Only diamond surpasses sapphire in terms of hardness).
  • The lightness of the watch ensures optimal comfort for the owner’s wrist, being two times lighter than steel.
  • All in all, the transparency transforms the X41 into a genuine work of art and allows its skeleton movement to be admired from all angles.

 CODE41 Watches X41 Model - 6th edition

The CODE41 X41 sapphire case:

CODE41 remained loyal to their visions and ambitions to create a fine watchmaking piece that’s impossible to get tired of. There’s no other case out there quite like the 2022 X41 sapphire case. Crafted entirely from sapphire, the X41’s case represents a technical challenge of the highest order. This latest design comes in at a more costly production price, in comparison to a titanium case: 3,600 CHF, compared to 160 CHF; in other words, 22 times more expensive!

But there are reasons for this. With it being a more complex and transparent design to meet the evergrowing desires of fine watch enthusiasts, the process of shaping the X41 case took a little longer – Ie, the process of machining, polishing, drilling, and assembling. The Swiss company wasn’t allowing for any errors in design or cutting!

CODE41 Watches value the authenticity of their community

The X41 is the perfect demonstration of the strong demand among fans of mechanical beauty for an authentic Fine Watchmaking industry. Specifically one focused on creation, quality, and the virtuosity of Swiss watchmakers. In this way, CODE41 Watches frees this exceptional piece from subjective luxury values. This is in order to focus on the very essence of watchmaking.

Through superior expertise, the Swiss brand is able to produce luxury watches at value for money. But the main focus behind their watches is the journey the CODE41 community is being offered. At each stage of the project, members of the public vote and have their say. Thus, they participate in the design of future CODE41 watch models. In addition, throughout production, they witness the birth of their watch in a photo and on video. As well as, through visits to the Swiss watchmaking workshops. Overall, CODE41 values the importance of each member of their community and the heart of the creative process.

Images by CODE41 Watches

How to pre-order the 2022 CODE41 Watches X41 model:

Click here to pre-order the 6th edition of the X41. And hurry, pre-orders are only open for a short time!

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