Step into the heart of the Dolphin world with a truly intimate, once-in-a-lifetime experience with a Spinner Dolphin Superpod in Costa Rica.

Picture this

Your crew and guests swimming alongside thousands of playful spinner dolphins. Then the seabobs come out, and the dolphins love them. Though they usually travel in small groups, dolphins in this part of the world come together in spectacular numbers. We’re talking hundreds, sometimes thousands of dolphins, to form a superpod.  From December to April, off the Southern coast of the island, and from May to August along the Northern edge of Costa Rica, the unique combination of deep oceanic currents and constant upwelling of nutrients make this area the perfect environment for superpods of all types.

Dolphins, several species of whales, manta rays, turtles and sea fish go crazy over this area to have a bite and a play.  Coupled with a clear, flat sea surface and brilliant sunshine, this is the perfect location for a perfect experience for your guests.   The only tricky thing is finding them.

Enter a spotter plane, a fast local skiff, and a marine biologist all coordinated by the Sea Masters Group who have perfected this experience for the superyacht industry.
Spinner Dolphin Superpod Experience Cost Rica

Still unsure? Check out this awesome video to see what it’s really about:

This incredible day out can be organised by AYSS superyacht agent Marina Papagayo.

Original video footage courtesy of BBC

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