Are you looking for a more efficient way to deal with crew employment and payroll on your vessel? The offshore employment and payroll service provided by Oceanskies, along with their ‘CrewMate‘ app, eliminates the burden of admin and the liabilities that come with the employment and payroll of crew.

The CrewMate App By OceanSkies

Located in Guernsey, Channel Islands, Oceanskies was founded in 2013, and now nearly at its 10 year anniversary, has a team of 40 individuals providing a variety of supplementary support services to yachts and aircraft.

Oceanskies’ crew employment and payroll service supports a variety of clients including yacht owners, captains, managers and family offices. Their service is delivered via a bespoke and cost-effective unique cloud-based app called CrewMate which is available to all of their clients at no additional cost.

Five Reasons For Your Vessel To Use CrewMate:

1. Easy to use online system with everything for seafarer employment in one place.

Yacht crew can easily upload their certificates in one secure place. This allows crew to store all important documents in one location which is also accessible to the employer. This prevents documents being lost and allows them to be verified. The employment section of the app contains useful information and documentation relating to currently active contracts and crew onboard. Information on contracts is easily changed by tapping an active profile and requesting modifications.

2. Instant access to crew documents and payslips at any time.

The app not only notifies crew when their salary has been paid, but through the ‘My Pay’ section, crew can easily access a profile that displays all of the payments and payslips for an active contract. In addition, the app will remind crew to enter their hours of rest, alert them to out-of-date certificates and other approved or declined files.

3. No paperwork necessary

Everything is done electronically, including the onboarding, and signing of contracts, uploading of documents including qualifications and ID documents, crew employee handbooks, and more.

4. Ability to view payroll sheets and upload expenses instantly.

The ability to instantly access payroll sheets will streamline the payment process, reducing the amount of time spent on administrative tasks. You can view the status of payments in real-time by simply tapping the amount of the payment on the app, where it will then expand to show the details.

5. Quick onboarding turnaround.

Oceanskies will ensure that the yacht’s insurance policy is updated in just one working day, which means crew can immediately be onboarded onto the payroll platform.

In conclusion, CrewMate by Oceanskies allows owners and managers to alleviate the headache of crew employment and payroll. Although the function is outsourced, they are still able to access all information at any time on their smart phone, tablet, or PC. This sidesteps the annoyance of excess paperwork and means that yacht crew themselves are able to remain in the know regarding their own employment and payment matters, receiving regular updates.

How To Start Using OceanSkies Crew Employment And Payroll App

You can download CrewMate right now on the App Store or Google Play. To use it however, you must have a login code which is provided by Oceanskies. To obtain your login code, you must register within the app or contact the Oceanskies team. Oceanskies charges on a simple fixed fee basis, which can be found on their website.

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MLC Compliance

Oceanskies hold a certificate of compliance with the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 which is issued by the Lloyd’s Register. This is fundamental so that crew members are employed under regulations of the code, regardless of whether or not the vessel is private or commercial.

Discover more about how to use CrewMate onboard your vessel by contacting OceanSkies today:
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