In most industries, background checks and ID verification are becoming a standard requirement for employees, however, this hasn’t been the case for the Superyacht industry. That is until CrewPass decided to do something about it. But why? Because it’s so easy for things to go wrong on vessels, resulting in damaged reputations. This is why CrewPass background checks have helped hundreds of yacht captains, recruitment agencies, and owners across the globe place more crew onboard yachts with minimal risk.

For Crew

Why are more and more vessels and crew investing in CrewPass background checks?

Firstly, did you know that 38% of people falsify their personal information to gain an advantage? Crew agency reference checking is not sufficient enough to understand an applicant’s life before stepping on board. Now imagine this – you apply for a crew vacancy on a Superyacht that accommodates 29 other crew members, only to learn that 11 of them have committed multiple criminal offenses, from burglary to arson or sexual assault. Unfortunately, this isn’t an uncommon scenario in the Superyacht industry.

To avoid this happening, a flux of vessels and their crew are now signing up to CrewPass for their background checks, criminal record checks, and ID verification checks. Once all safety checks have been passed, members receive a digital pass that shows they are CrewPass accredited. This not only avoids threats and issues onboard but also enhances a yachtie’s chance of employment by elevating his or her CV.

Ask yourself this – would you rather pay a small fee of £9.99 and join a vessel where everyone on board has been CrewPass accredited, or join a vessel where no employees on board have been vetted?

Why is CrewPass accreditation beneficial to Superyacht owners and charter guests?

Once an owner or charter guest steps aboard, they’re placing their trust in the hand of the Captain and Crew to ensure their safety and wellbeing. As well as this, crew are responsible for the security of their priceless assets, from artwork to belongings. It poses a massive safety risk to guests and owners by employing crew members that have not undergone background checks.

Captain Corey Adcook explained:

“As a Captain, I am responsible for extremely expensive assets; the guests and the yacht. Often crew will chaperone guests on excursions or activities, or be in control of some very expensive equipment. I need to be as confident as I can that in a competitive job market, I have got honest, genuine crew members, where what they state on their CV is truthful.”

For Vessels

The CrewPass Superyacht Crew management software for vessels – What is it?

CrewPass has created a free Superyacht crew management software to allow vessels and crew to keep track, and manage daily operations onboard through an app. The innovation of the CrewPass app has sparked a change in the industry. More Captains and vessels are now turning to the digital daily operation hub as a solution for storing important documents and information. This is in addition to managing various daily operations.

How does it work?

The App includes a variety of features within one software system to improve the daily operations on boards. The features include:

  • Digital in/outboards
  • Watch rotas to keep track of who’s on watch and what vessel position they’re working in
  • Encrypted chats
  • Sea and rest time hours are monitored through an automatic calendar.

Captains can access vital crew information including DOB, bio, CrewPass status, visa history, vaccination history, training certificates, email address, phone number, and more background information. The daily operations hub app automatically sends notifications and reminders to Captains and administrators when an important document is close to expiring. This helps prompt them to update it.

CrewPass background checks
The CrewPass daily operations hub

For Recruitment Agencies

A wide selection of crew recruitment agencies worldwide, including Wilson Halligan, Dockendo, Viking Maritime Group, YPI, and Yacrew are now partnered with CrewPass after recognising the importance of background checks when onboarding crew members. All recruitment agencies need to do is include a simple website integration. This then creates an easy checking procedure. And the best thing of all… CrewPass is completely free for all agency accounts when you sign up here.

The status of a CrewPass member can then be tracked by employers using a search function. Through this, they can see whether that crew member is approved (passed the background checks), pending (waiting for results), or declined.

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