So your motivation is at its peak, you are sticking to a regime and are definitely beach body ready… and then you have to leave the marina and go to sea. Time spent on watch snacking on sugary treats and time off watch lazing around catching up on Game of Thrones, with no time for any fitness you say? Crossings don’t have to see your weights collect dust deep in a bilge, your yoga mat lonely or your trainers unlaced, they are a great way to reinvigorate fitness. Whether it’s continuing with a regime or starting afresh there are plenty of ways to keep fit whilst at sea, without all the excuses.

But I don’t have enough space?

We all know that working on yachts comes with space restrictions although this shouldn’t be an excuse for not working out. There are plenty of workouts that cater towards a lack of space and equipment. If you work on a yacht with superyacht crew gym facilities, then lucky you… but if not there are still plenty of options. Cabins may be tight but if there is space to lie down, there is space to crunch! Taking workouts outside on deck is also a great option whilst enjoying the fresh air and ocean view.

When will I have time?

Along with space, this is another element which sometimes lacks, whether its guests demanding your attention or a never-ending job list to be completed. On a crossing time should not be an excuse, working around your on and off watch time you will be able to find time to workout, although be aware that on a crossing you will need to be flexible, the ocean isn’t always favourable towards keeping fit. If the morning sea conditions look as though they will flatten your downward dog or the afternoon swells have the potential for weights to be dropped on toes then alter your timings.

How can I workout without a gym?

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Easy! All you really need to keep fit is yourself, there are plenty of circuit training and body weight exercises out there. Find creative ways to keep fit and use your surroundings; fenders as an exercise ball, dive weights for weight training, raised areas for stepping, stainless bars for pull-ups (sorry deckies)! The yacht is your fitness oyster, just be mindful, broken yachts are much more expensive than a gym membership! Although a fully equipped gym may be off the cards there are lots of small and easy to stow pieces of equipment that can be kept in your cabin; a yoga mat, skipping rope and small weights are great for this. With extra time on your hands on a crossing it can be fun to set group challenges which can spur on your motivation as well, pull-ups at every mile? Sit-ups every hour? Press ups each watch change?

Who is out there to help?

If you are lacking motivation, advice or general inspiration then look to our online yachting community. There are loads of yachties now on social media in particular that have a fitness focus that they incorporate into their yacht life. If you have the opportunity to include fitness equipment on board then check out Gym Marine, specialises in fitness facilities onboard yachts for both guests and crew. For fitness regimes, set yourself a goal and do your research, there are lots of fitness apps out there that will help you along. You may be lucky enough to work with a PT on board, if so ask them for help in drawing up a specific crossing workout schedule.

But I like the snack basket too much…

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A crossing can throw your body out of sync completely which is why it is even more important to maintain a balanced diet. Keeping well hydrated is important on a crossing, especially when working out. Stay away from the sugary treats and caffeine to keep you awake. Providing your body with enough rest and energy will help your fitness regime flourish.

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