Themed dinners onboard are not only for the guests but also the crew. Mixing things up with a bit of variety and fun, especially mid charter makes the night service a bit more playful. Because why have a normal dinner night when you can get dressed up, eat different food, make and enjoy new cocktails whilst being entertained (and keep your guests happy)?

Plan out the menu, drinks, decoration, costumes and entertainment before suggesting the theme. The best themed nights are done when you are cruising in a relevant place, no one wants to be wearing Mexican hats and drinking tequila when you are cruising the chillier waters of Alaska…

1. Pirate

This is an age-old classic in the yachting world and pirate-themed dinners are fun and in keeping with where you are eating dinner. Aaargghh, so crack open the rum, eat lots of tasty seafood, wear some shipwrecked-esq clothes, put on an eye patch and enjoy the night. A perfect theme for the Caribbean, and if you have kids (or adults) on board it could be fun to set up a treasure hunt on board or even around the anchorage/marina.

2. Casino

What better location to enjoy a luxurious casino night than onboard a luxury superyacht. The tables can be turned into casino tables, Vegas-style drinks and food can be served whilst James Bond theme tunes are played in the background. Keep a classy, black, white and red colour theme. And if you feel lucky, put it all on black…

3. Toga

A toga night is the ideal theme for cruising around the Greek islands. Raid the old linen store for extra easy to make costumes with some fancy gold leaf creations you will look the part in no time. The food is tasty and easy with hundreds of Greek dishes to choose from, serve in big platters and compliment it with artificial fruit table decor.

4. Mexican

Is there a better time to get out the tequila? Whether it happens to be Cinco de Mayo or the chef needs some tacospiration, Mexican nights are always a winner. After all, both crew and guests are likely to be happier if guacamole is involved in their evening. Mexican food is great for a buffet style sharing kind of night. You can even top it off by adding a DIY piñata into the mix, great for entertaining.

5. Tropical

Perfect for yachts cruising most of the popular cruising destinations, particularly those in the Caribbean or Pacific, tailor the tropical vibe to that of the country you are in. Keep things low key and beach themed, decorate with colourful flowers, tropical fruits and shells. This is a great theme for an off the boat beach BBQ’s, grab your grass skirts, gather up some coconuts and serve the classic fruity rum cocktails to kick things off.

As well as these specific themed dinner ideas, don’t miss out on other themed opportunities, both seasonal holidays and special days of note. With yachting being the worldwide industry that it is, take into account all nationalities to bring a bit of colour into a charter depending on your guests.

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