Do you want to write for us?

If you are crew and fancy yourself as an up and coming journey, or just have a lot to say why not get it published right here? loves to hear from crew and so please get in touch with us.

We love to hear anything to do with your job, funny stories, charters, weird things guests ask for. Or things like, your first yacht interview, best place you have been on a yacht all the way to the best Bar in the Caribbean. Tell us, we are all ears.

Obviously please do not mention names of people, yachts, owners or anything that could get you fired. We don’t want there to be any of you looking for jobs as a result!

Contact us at with your ideas. If you need a bit of guidance or us to give you a subject to write about then we can do that too. We have LOTS of ideas.

Superyacht Content is aimed primarily at Crew and so we would love to hear from you. Help us make Superyacht Content more interesting for crew!

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