The yacht guy
The Yacht Guy

We met him, you’ve heard of him, and now it’s everyone’s chance to get to know him… Alex Jimenez, Aka The Yacht Guy, has created quite the following in the superyacht industry. From living the normal life to networking with UHNW individuals and travelling the world, Alex has created a lifestyle for himself that many dream of, and it’s time to find out how:

You’re very respected in the world of yachting, have you always worked as an influencer?

AJ: No, I wasn’t always an influencer though I wish I had been. Life’s a lot more fun as one (laughs). I became an influencer full-time back in 2014. Prior to TheYachtGuy, I held a regular job as a brain surgeon…I wish!!! Nope, just a regular guy, not that I’m not now, but you know what I mean. Becoming an influencer has allowed me some great experiences I would have probably never had.

How did you end up becoming a public figure in such a niche industry? And, have you made any friends in particular that have inspired you throughout your journey?

AJ: I have achieved this through Instagram and many years of making connections, networking and meeting some fantastic people. I’ve been fortunate with what I have been able to do.

What would you say is the hardest part of your day-to-day life?

AJ: Staying focused on goals can be tough with everything else that’s going on around you. Family, friends, bills, etc. In the end, I’m just a regular guy trying to make my way.

You’ve successfully achieved recognition as the No.1 yacht influencer globally. Do you have any further aspirations within yachting that you’d like to achieve? If so, what do they entail?

AJ: Thank you! Well, it has become more challenging over the years with so many people now turning their yacht profession into yacht influencers, from brokers to yachties; it’s great to see everyone’s perspective. As for aspirations, the biggest one is to own a yacht big enough to allow me to travel the world but small enough that I don’t need a crew. Then head out and enjoy cruising.

If this was to happen, what would you name it?

I’d name it “POEME” after my daughter❤️

What’s the most memorable experience that you’ve had, courtesy of being an influencer?

AJ: It’s funny because at some moments not only was I not allowed to take pictures, but I was kindly asked to not even mention yachts for both safety and privacy to the owner, which I was totally okay with. But let’s say having a private jet pick you up in your small hometown and being flown out onto one of the world’s largest yachts to hang with what turned out to be some of the coolest laid-back people I’ve ever met was one for my record books.

Could you share your top tips for anyone aspiring to become a social media influencer?

AJ: I’d say do something you absolutely love because it shows in you. When people meet you, and you’re doing something for money or to be Insta-famous, it’ll show through…

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